Was The Elden Ring Mod Available For The Console Version!

A new Elden Ring mod has been released, and it is fantastic. I hope it finds its way into the console release. Thanks to Elden Ring's vast and devoted PC player base, the game features several amazing mods. A recent addition to the game, Increased Draw Distance, is a mod that, well, increases the draw distance. After it's been installed, it'll improve your view of the faraway environments you'll encounter in The Lands Between. Was the Elden Ring mod available for the console version?

The best part is that the mod does all of this with minimal influence on the game's performance. As such, if your computer is up to the task of running Elden Ring, you should grab this mod so you can enjoy the game's faraway sights to their fullest.

The Horizons Between

Therefore, why does Elden Ring place such a premium on a longer draw distance? To begin, From Software encourages immersion in all of their games' settings. Both the Bell of Awakening and Lothric Castle are extremely remote in the Dark Souls series. The distance to your objective and the difficulty of the journey are continually brought to your attention.

This is also true in Elden Ring. From the get-go, you'll have a clear view of both Erdtree, the game's central landmark, and Stormveil Castle, home to the game's first big boss. Every time you see one of these massive structures, you're reminded of the vastness of your surroundings and your relative insignificance in comparison to them.

Adding more depth to Elden Ring fits very nicely with this idea. Despite how implausible it is, I really hope that From Software includes this in the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S editions of the game.

In subsequent plays, I hope to feel a stronger sense of where I am in The Lands Between in relation to other significant regions on the map. Even if it's just to take in the desolate splendor of the dying world of Elden Ring. Even though there isn't a dedicated photo option, I think many players, like myself, would appreciate a larger draw distance.