Eagles Strength Rating Summary: End of Regular Season

Are power ratings completely stupid and pointless? Yes. Yes. However, personally speaking, when I see them, I click. And now that I have given you the promises of many power ratings, you will read it and you will like it.

This is where people across the country have Birds in the ranking after completing the 2019 regular season. Not many of our regular media have taken part in the regular season.

ESPN: 12th

2010 Highlights: Super Bowl LII win February 4, 2018

The Eagles delivered their first Lombardi trophy to Philadelphia with 41-33 victories over the Patriots. The city is still having fun. From the Philly Special to Brandon Graham’s striped bag with Tom Brady and Jason Kels’s “hungry dogs” on the steps of the art museum, many of the best moments in the franchise’s history were born just two postseasons.

#JimmySays: With the Eagles in the playoffs, they cannot be rated worse than 12th place.

CBS: 12th place

To get into the playoffs with this team is a good achievement for Doug Pederson. Carson Wentz, and this pass will be difficult.

#JimmySays: 12th again, huh? Even if they have a home game?

USA Today: 12

Since 2017, they are the best in the league 15-5 times when December begins. The current question for the burning Eagles is now – Carson Wentz – Mr. January?

#JimmySays: I feel the pattern here.

Sports news: 11th place

Now that the Eagles have held another incredible December race to get into the playoffs, despite all their injuries, we cannot sleep on Doug Pederson’s team in the NFC tournament, especially with a home game in hand to start. They also have something new for the playoffs – a healthy and decisive Carson Wentz.

#JimmySays: Boom. Suck it, Titans.

b / r: 10th place

The injuries that destroyed the Philly list continued at week 17. Starting guard Brandon Brooks walked away with a dislocated shoulder. A rookie running back to Miles Sanders, who in recent weeks has become the main target of the crime, was knocked out by his ankle.

However, as in the last month, when one player left, the other became more active. Against the giants, he fled back to Boston Scott, who scored over 100 yards and thrice scored the 17-point win that gave the NFC East Eagles.

This victory was the fourth in a row in Philadelphia, and it will play a rematch at the 12th week of the meeting between the Eagles and Seattle Seahawks in Lincoln Financial Field. This game took place in the middle of a game with three games for the Eagles and was won by visitors 17–9.

This second round carries significantly higher bets for a pair of regular season players.

#JimmySays: Oh word? Tenth? (But still sixth in NFC.)

They are not in better shape than the Vikings?

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