Do You Want to Update Your iPhone to iOS 16? Don’t Do It Yet. Why?

The newest version of iOS for the iPhone should be avoided for the time being. Please allow us to elaborate.

When Apple adds new features to a new version of iOS, users are excited to update their iPhones. iOS 16 is no exception. New and improved features include the option to Unsend and edit text messages, a more secure and private browsing experience, and widgets for personalizing the lock screen.

And that should be sufficient to convince you to update to Apple’s newest iPhone operating system, but there are always one or two reasons to stop the update for the time being. Here are some reasons why you might want to hold off on updating to iOS 16 right now.

If you’re not quite ready to dive in just yet, here are the steps you should take to download and install iOS 16 and the steps you should do immediately following the installation of iOS 16.

The Battery In Your iPhone May Drain Faster Than Usual.

Some users experience power drain shortly after installing a big software update, such as iOS 16, however, the cause of this phenomenon remains unknown. You should probably wait before installing iOS 16 if your battery health is already low (Settings > Battery > Battery Health). Here are a few potential causes of your iPhone’s battery depletion in iOS 16: