DNF Duel: Switch it Up in 2023 with the Ultimate Season Pass Experience!

DNF Duel: Nexon developed and published the fighting game DNF Duel in collaboration with Arc System Works, Eighting, and Neople.

Released on June 28, 2022, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5, it is a spin-off of the Dungeon & Fighter series. In April of 2023, a port will be available for the Nintendo Switch.

DNF Duel
DNF Duel

DNF Duel Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, it's similar to other fighting games by Arc System Works but with less complex controls. Like some games before, this one has simplified inputs so that new players won't be scared off by having to learn a new set of rules.

Like the main series games and other role-playing video games (RPGs), this game features a maximum power (MP) bar to activate specific attacks. Unlike the special meters used in other fighting games, this one's bar disappears after each skill use but slowly refills over time.

DNF Duel Plot

DNF Duel is set on an astral plane rife with gates, one of many parallel worlds formed in the wake of the catastrophic event known as the Great Metastasis.

Each gate provides a passage to another location in time and space, allowing the people who live there to travel freely between alternate realities.

Once their power began to dwindle into legend, the gates became known as “Wonders,” but on “The Day the Doors Closed,” they suddenly malfunctioned and shut down permanently.

The present-day in the Principality of Bel Myre sees the destinies of several adventurers and warriors beginning to converge.

The Wonders have recently been reawakened, each armed with their own “Wills,” the extraordinary power that conceals its true potential. They hold the future fates of the gates and the multiverse.

In 2023, DNF will introduce a dual season pass and a switch port.

Arc System Works has announced that its upcoming fighting game, DNF Duel, will release in 2023 with a Season Pass and on the Switch. The studio focuses on fighting games with anime themes, such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Melty Blood: Type Lumina.

It's safe to say that Arc System Works has had a busy year, with the June release of DNF Duel and the April release of DLC characters and cross-play for Guilty Gear Strive. DNF Duel was a much lower-profile release than the other games in the lineup.

However, it still received generally positive reviews from critics who praised the developer's translation of the characters from an MMO setting to a fighting game. Even though DNF Duel hasn't broken out to the general public, it has a dedicated fan base.

At the previous The Game Awards, it was even a finalist in the Fighting Game category, losing out to MultiVersus. A Switch port and a Season Pass, adding five more characters, show that Arc System Works intends to continue supporting the game.

A new trailer released earlier this month showed the Switch port for DNF Duel, highlighting the convenience of playing this fighting game anywhere and anytime. After that, some of the characters and their moves and combos from DNF Duel were briefly shown off.

The port's release date and box art were also revealed. Scheduled for delivery on April 20 of the following year. There is currently no confirmed release date for the season pass, but it is expected sometime in 2023.

But the DNF Duel Twitter page has already revealed that the first downloadable character from the Season Pass will be a Spectre-class fighter. She appears to be using a katana and will have a unique offensive ability, just like the Ghostblade class in the main roster.

Recently, a balance patch that significantly changed the DNF Duel roster, including buffs to several characters, was released. As part of Steam's Winter Sale, players interested in the new fighting game DNF Duel can get it for half off.

The PlayStation Store offers the same price. With any luck, these discounts will encourage gamers to give a more subdued fighting game released this year a try.

The PC, PS4, and PS5 versions of DNF Duel are now available. The Switch port is scheduled for a 20 April 2023 release.

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