Discussion: How to fix VAR problems in Soccer?

Happy holiday, DSS! Sorry for the lack of activity here in the last few days. We expect news to grow rapidly after the New Year. Meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to ask one of the biggest questions regarding this beautiful sport to our community. How the hell do you fix VAR?

These days, it’s impossible to avoid the ongoing debate about watching football videos. If you don’t completely tune up all the talk about football from your life until you play Atlanta United, you probably have encountered or even participated in some kind of lively discussion on this topic.

The last heated discussion that arose was the minimum offsides, especially in the Premier League. They introduced a new technology that uses dedicated cameras and on-screen technology that can supposedly determine if the player is offside in millimeters. This hyper focus at the edges caused a noise.

My biggest complaint about VAR and the rules of football in general is the lack of common sense. This sport is not dry. To consider each case as if it acts on the game. I prefer to believe that most judges are smart people, and they are confused only by constantly changing and complex rules, which no one can agree with.

So, I ask you this question. How can football fix VAR?

The Australian A-League recently unveiled some very smart ideas about filling the audience who watch TV with the VAR protocol. The audio between the Video Assistant referee and the field referee is transmitted in real time to inform people about what is happening. For me, this is a brilliant step that can suppress many contradictions.

Take a look at this from the A-League broadcast by Fox after the game. Quick and easy.

Obviously, for a long time, live broadcasts should be carried out in all VAR territories (IFAB does not allow this now). But the A-League leads the way in VAR transparency.

Wow. pic.twitter.com/xVKcgaoIvU

– Dale Johnson (@DaleJohnsonESPN) December 30, 2019

Will there be an implementation of this help? Or will it eventually lead to other problems?

Go to the comments and share your feelings throughout the VAR dilemma. What changes would you make? What ideas would you like to see in the world? Do you want to give up all this? The sound is turned off below.