Discord Voice Chat Now Functions On Xbox Consoles Without A Phone As The Company Launches Its Nitro Basic Plan, Activities, And Games; This Is All We Know

When it comes to chatting with other gamers, Discord is one of the most popular options. Players can join not just the gaming community but also other communities using this app. Xbox players will soon be able to use Discord directly on their console without first needing to download the program on their mobile device via an upcoming update.

Users of Discord on Xbox may now make audio calls and join server calls without needing to connect their devices. By using this function, establishing and maintaining contact with other users is simplified greatly. This functionality is already accessible to Xbox Alpha Insiders and can be accessed by selecting the Discord button in the Guide’s Parties & conversations section. In order to participate in a voice channel on your console, users must first link their accounts. Note that in order to make a direct call, users will still need to download the smartphone app.

See what else Discord has in store for you this week by checking out the features we’ve added below:

  • It is now possible for system administrators to search through a catalog of native applications and install those they like on their servers thanks to the App Directory.
  • Voice Channels now also includes a brand new feature called “Activities,” which enables users to do things like play games, watch videos, and chat with others in a social setting.
  • In addition to our first-ever Ecosystem Fund, we’re providing resources like Premium App Subscriptions to encourage developers, startups, and partners to bring their innovations to Discord.
  • Nitro Basic, our newest subscription tier, starts at just $2.99 per month (about Rs. 250).

How to Watch YouTube on Discord with Friends?

  • First, they need to join a voice channel hosted by the server.
  • When they get there, they need to find the rocket-shaped Activities icon in the very lower left corner.
  • The ‘Watch Together’ icon, which has the YouTube logo, will be accessible via a menu that opens.