Diablo IV Gets Almost an Hour of Leaked Gameplay Footage

More of the highly anticipated upcoming installment in the Diablo series, the gameplay video from Diablo IV, has recently been released online. This new film, taken from the friends and family beta build, gives you a glimpse at the series’ upcoming installment’s basic gameplay and a number of its gameplay features. We must remember that the footage comes from a pre-alpha form of the game and is, therefore, not indicative of the final game’s quality.

On PC and consoles, Diablo IV will be available sometime in 2019. More decadent character customization options, over a hundred dungeons, a more open-ended experience, and other changes are promised for the fourth main entry in the series.

Sanctuary in Diablo IV is enormous, and every square foot is packed with exciting new quests. With more options than ever for personalizing your character, you can explore the game’s more than 140 dungeons and dozens of side missions at your own pace in search of glory over Lilith’s minions and better armor. Sanctuary’s mighty global bosses increase the difficulty of the game and force players to work together to defeat them and claim their rewards. Also, players can permanently change the realm by remaking tainted Strongholds into ally outposts.

Diablo IV will launch on PC and consoles in 2023, with a date still to be determined. The game will support cross-play and cross-progression. Keep checking for the most recent information on the game’s beta and release date.