When Will the “Diablo 4” Open Beta Release? Early Access and Why You Should Take Part

“Diablo 4” is still eagerly anticipated by the gaming community, and it’s almost time for everyone to play it in beta. After a brief detour into “Diablo Immortal,” which players felt included a few too many microtransactions, “Diablo 4” is a welcome return to the primary franchise.

“Diablo 4” separates itself from “Diablo Immortal,” stating that there would be no gameplay-altering microtransactions and only cosmetic ones. This seems to be the case throughout the friends and family alpha testing, which immediately began leaking.

The “Diablo” game’s foundation was in the alpha build, increasing gamers’ excitement for the final product. However, it featured placeholder assets and unfinished character voices.

Now that “Diablo 4” is in its open beta testing phase, gamers outside the friends and family of Activision Blizzard workers will be able to participate in the fun. Here are the steps for signing up and several reasons you might want to once the game is officially out.

When Will the Diablo 4 Beta Test be Released?

Two weekends in March will be dedicated to the “Diablo 4” beta. The first beta will be March 17–19 and the second the following weekend, March 24–26. The first day of each weekend will begin at 9 AM PST, while the last day will end at noon PST. In addition to the lengthy testing time, the “Diablo 4” first zone, which has a sizable amount of material, will be accessible to beta-test participants.

Players are free to advance up to level 25 and can explore the entirety of the game’s first zone, Fractured Peaks. Although leveling will halt at level 25, players can keep playing, analyze, and engage in combat afterward.

They just won’t be rewarded with experience points. Also, during the first test weekend, players can select to try out three of the five playable classes: Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer.

Diablo 4 Open Beta Release Date
Diablo 4 Open Beta Release Date

The Druid and the Necromancer will be added the following weekend, completing the range of classes. Each Battle.net account allows players to create up to ten different characters, which is ample to explore in every category.

Nevertheless, don’t become too close to these characters, as they’ll be erased at the end of the trial. Progress can be carried over from one testing weekend to the next but not to the finished product once it has been released. Anything that occurs during the beta period remains there.

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How Do I Gain Access to the Diablo 4 Beta Test?

It’s easy to gain access to both testing weekends. For those who preordered “Diablo 4” on any platform, beta testing will be available from March 17–19. The following weekend, however, will be open to anybody who wants to try out the new game.

For those that preordered the game digitally, it will automatically start playing when the time comes. To access the beta testing phase, players who preordered a physical copy will receive a code they must enter at diablo.com/beta.

Diablo confirmed the release date on its official Twitter account on February 18, 2023.

The process of gaining access should be relatively straightforward; however, if you want to speed up the login process, register a battle.net account first. After all, every second counts when attempting to play one of the most anticipated games.

According to Blizzard’s announcement blog, developers will log in during the second week of testing to provide gamers with advice and particular recommendations. Although a start time for the Community Play Livestream isn’t yet set, Blizzard will reveal more information about the event once it is.

What Rewards Does the Diablo 4 Beta Test Offer Players?

It’s exciting to glimpse the newest “Diablo” game, but what can players gain from participating in the beta test? Of course, special equipment! Two games and a unique cosmetic item are up for grabs for those who take part in the beta testing period, but gamers won’t be the only ones to receive these rewards.

The “Initial Casualty” and “Early Voyager” titles are awarded to players who level up with one character and reach Kyovashad, respectively. These titles signify an early player who contributed by offering input and watching the game evolve. The sweetest prize in the beta test is a cosmetic, though.

During the beta testing period, players who level up one character to level 20 will receive the “Beta Wolf Pack Cosmetic Item,” a bag featuring a cuddly wolf pup. The sleeping pup tosses its head sleepily before returning to its nest in the pack, which appears lined with comfortable materials.

Although the decorative item has no practical advantages, it will undoubtedly bring some sweetness to “Diablo 4’s” primarily menacing appearance.

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