Destiny 2: Spire of the Watcher: Where to Find the Hidden Bonus Chests

Destiny 2: Spire of the Watcher: If you’re looking for two more chests in Destiny 2’s new Spire of the Watcher dungeon, this guide will show you exactly where to find them. This guide details the exact locations of all of the secret chests and crates in Spire of the Watcher that will reward intrepid Guardians with extra rewards, just like in any other Dungeon.

Destiny 2’s newest Dungeon, Spire of the Watcher, has just gone live. To prevent information from getting into the hands of the criminal Vex, the Guardians must enter a Golden Age Warmind Bunker. Here on KeenGamer, you’ll discover our comprehensive guide to all the enemies you’ll face in the brand-new Dungeon.

Players can also look for treasure containers, which return in Spire of the Watcher. Once a week, each character can receive a drop of any loot the player has previously received from the Dungeon.

But these chests aren’t always easy to locate. They’re tucked away in various leaping puzzles, out-of-the-way spots, and secret compartments. You better believe Bungie is going to make you earn that extra gear.

In Destiny 2, the Spire of the Watcher Dungeon is home to several hidden treasure chests.

Chest 1: Begin the Ascent

The first hidden chest is accessed after completing the leaping challenge titled “Begin the Ascent.” In this vast, wide space, Hydras and Harpies will chase you down and attack with glee. To get to the conclusion, you’ll have to navigate around dangling metal platforms and splintered bits of scaffolding.

The hidden chest can be found in the center of this large chamber. You’ll need to take a leap of faith and land on a sliver of metal protruding from the wall at one point. Then you use some nearby scaffolding to get up high enough to proceed.

As soon as you reach the top of the scaffolding, you should look around. You can return to the original path through a platform. One of the Devilish Recordings required for the Devil in the Details Triumph may be found on the boardwalk just beyond the point where you can see a chunk of the wall protruding over the edge.

Reaching the rocky outcrop will reward you with your first hidden chest.

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Chest 2: Going Further in

After the second major confrontation, you’ll find the second of the additional secret chests in Spire of the Watcher. Once the giant Harpy Akelous has been vanquished and his spoils claimed, it is time to make the arduous descent into the building’s bowels.

As you descend, you’ll have to battle your way through progressively more Vex-infested strata of metal and machinery. In addition, you’ll gain insight into the next key Dungeon mechanic, the red-cabled Arc Nodes.

These Arc Nodes, like the ones before them, may only be shot while equipped with the Arctician buff, however, unlike the Nodes connected by yellow cables, you are not limited to a certain firing order. Before you face the ultimate boss, you’ll learn this mechanism through a series of rooms.

The third and final of these “teaching” chambers contains the second hidden chest. Your fire team and you will crash down in the exact center of a square platform.

You’ll be surrounded by electric traps that lead to a diamond-shaped area teeming with baddies and more Arc Nodes to connect with red cables.

If you poke about, you’ll find that some of the ledges have staircases leading to empty spaces underneath them. Peer underneath, and you’ll see a grate in each one that can be shot and destroyed.

You may enter a lengthy, deep passage by looking under each flight of steps for a grate. Once you descend the hole, you will find the final hidden treasure chest in Spire of the Watcher. 

Bonus Chest Loot

These chests behave differently than the majority of the chests in Spire of the Watcher.

The first is that they will only leave behind items that you already have. You will only receive some upgrade materials if you haven’t already earned a weapon or piece of armour before opening the chest. Before opening each chest, make sure you have a rifle or item that you desire numerous rolls of.

Another point is that even though Spire of the Watcher is the ultimate Dungeon, it can be farmed over and over again for fresh rewards.

While the items you find won’t be of the highest quality, you may be able to get your hands on some new toys you didn’t have access to before. However, each player character can only open the hidden chests once per week. The hidden chests only drop their loot once a week, thus it doesn’t matter how much you farm the rest of the Dungeon.

Additionally, any of the brand-new Dungeon armour or weapons could potentially drop from these hidden boxes. This features the latest Legendary weaponry from Tex Mechanica as well as the Cowboy-themed armour.

In Destiny 2’s new dungeon, Spire of the Watcher, that is where you’ll locate both of the hidden bonus chests.