Destiny 2 Disaster: Bungie Disables API and Kicks Players Out of Game with Revision Zero!

Destiny 2 Disaster: The fact that the Revision Zero weapon is the most modifiable Exotic in Destiny 2 has made headlines. But the gun has recently gained notoriety for the wrong reasons. One of them was addressed by Bungie, saying that players have been getting error codes since the weapon was released.

The codes include centipede, Weasel, Pineapple, and many other names. Weasel is on the player’s side, and these are almost always server-side errors. However, the widespread occurrence of these codes has prompted Bungie to disable their API once again.

Destiny 2 Disaster
Destiny 2 Disaster

Bungie disables API services due to the new Destiny 2 Exotic

The Destiny 2 API services are where players will primarily manage their inventory, weapons, and armor. Bungie has been forced to shut down many of its services due to recent mistakes. These include the DIM (Destiny Item Manager), the main website, the companion app, and more.

The firm issued the following Tweet on December 29 on the recent issue with the Destiny 2 API:

As the team continues to investigate issues causing numerous error codes, the Destiny API will remain offline. We are currently targeting a fix for early next week, but will provide additional updates when possible.”

Therefore, until the next weekly reset on January 3, 2023, the community will have no access to any features. In several tweets, community manager dmg04 explained how the business had found three potential solutions. He suggested that maybe all the glitches originated in Revision Zero.

Bungie‘s official support account has verified that the corporation ultimately opted for Option 2 after considering all three possibilities. There were many inquiries from the public about the company’s playtesting, which can quickly spiral out of control when exposed to a critical mass of users.

Disabling the API has led to much speculation, but no hard evidence, on what caused the issue. It’s possible that users are being kicked off of Destiny 2 servers because too many other players are using Revision Zero. Players can only change characters during this time by using the Vault in the Tower.

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