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Destiny 2 Data Miners Finding Proof of Paid Membership Programs

Destiny 2 Data Miners

Destiny 2 Data Miners

Destiny 2 Data Miners: Dataminers have uncovered what could be the beginnings of a subscription program for Destiny 2. Until its release on February 28, 2023, Bungie is hard at work on Lightfall, the next significant addition to Destiny 2.

Bungie has already revealed a good deal of information on Lightfall, so any subscription service would have indeed been announced by now. However, it is not out of the question that such a service was once discussed for Destiny 2 and possibly still is.

There is a lot of money to be made off of Destiny 2. When it comes to making money off of live services, Bungie is among the best in the business. Though Destiny 2’s main game is now free, its expansions are still for sale at a price.

Destiny 2 Data Miners

New seasonal content, including weapons, armor, and various endgame material, is now available as part of Annual Passes. Silver, a premium currency, can purchase cosmetics and bundled items in Destiny 2.

In addition, it has made money off of selling a Dungeon Pass and a 30th Anniversary Pack with even more content. It’s not out of the question that Bungie will add more forms of monetization. The D2 Data mines Discord server reportedly found proof of intentions for a paid subscription in Destiny 2, as reported by The Game Post.

Purchases of 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions are recorded in the relevant files. The subscriptions are strictly related to Lightfall. Extra context can be found in the textual descriptions that accompany the files. Lightfall, two new dungeons and raids, one month of premium content in Destiny 2 Year 6, and other downloadable content benefits are all included in one product.

Alternatively, one might “Enhance your path as a New Light with a premium subscription to Destiny 2” if they so choose. Lightfall and other expansion packs were likely meant to be purchased in addition to the subscription.

While there is currently no evidence that Bungie plans to implement a subscription service into Destiny 2, it is not hard to picture this happening in the future. Games like World of Warcraft aren’t the only ones that offer subscriptions nowadays.

For example, Fortnite includes a membership service called the Fortnite Crew that provides access to in-game currencies and cosmetics. It’s not hard to picture Bungie considering a membership plan to boost its bottom line.

It’s unclear what exactly players can expect to receive from Bungie as part of their Destiny 2 subscription. Silver and other cosmetics may be discounted, or the game’s premium content passes, like the Dungeon Pass and Season Pass, could be rolled into a single subscription package.

One might reasonably expect that, unlike World of Warcraft, it will not provide a subscription plan that includes all of its content. What course of action Bungie takes, if any, remains to be seen.

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