Death Stranding Server Crash: The Ultimate Example of Why We Can’t Have Nice Things!

Death Stranding Server Crash: A freebie can be too generous at times. Observe any Black Friday from years past. In this case, the chaos was caused by a Christmas Day giveaway. When Epic Games announced on December 15 that it would be giving away free games as part of a holiday sale, it sparked some controversy.

Epic Games has been giving away free games every day during their annual sale for a long time. This year’s event featured free daily full games like the original Fallout and Fallout 2, Them Fightin’ Herds, and Metro: Last Light Redux, in addition to DLC for Fortnite and PUBG: Battlegrounds.

Epic Games announced on December 25 that they would give away Death Stranding, a highly acclaimed and successful game from 2020. According to GameRant, players discovered that Epic had unveiled the game’s Director’s Cut.

That, in turn, led to Epic’s server performance being less than stellar. In the end, Epic Games’ servers were functioning normally again, but instead of releasing the director’s cut, they decided to give away Death Stranding’s standard edition.

Undoubtedly still a fun video game to play. The Director’s Cut is not the bee’s knees, but… Additionally, PC Gamer reports that the Director’s Cut upgrade can be purchased for $6 if the base game is purchased.

Epic Games’ website also hosted a free download of Death Stranding’s base game until December 26. Currently on hand: Formulated in the Ignition of a Smoldering Torch.

Death Stranding Server Crash
Death Stranding Server Crash

Epic Games Store Free Game Leads to Server Crashes

Epic Games Store crashes and glitches due to the overwhelming response to the latest free holiday game. People worldwide who use EGS flocked to the outlet for the giveaway game. Instead, Epic Games has had trouble keeping up with the demand, leading to significant technical issues.

While most customers have had no problem connecting, some have been asked to log in multiple times, have their attempted purchase reloaded, or have received an error message stating that the servers are down.

Since the Epic Games Store launch, it has become an annual tradition for Epic Games to give away games for the holidays. Epic’s free game giveaway for the holiday season began on December 15 and will run through December 29.

Sable, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, Wolfenstein: The New Order, and even Metro: Last Light Redux will be available on Christmas Eve. The gift on Christmas Day, however, has exploded in popularity. Epic Games and Kojima Productions gave away Death Stranding on Christmas Day.

Although it’s been three years since its release, Death Stranding is still a new game. An unexpected wave of excitement was caused by Kojima’s announcement of Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards. Epic Games also made the mistake of giving away the Director’s Cut instead of the regular game, which they have since fixed.

The curious problems with the Epic Games Store have been caused by the influx of users trying to get Death Stranding for free. A user noticed that their client suddenly started speaking Chinese. The game was allegedly removed from some customers’ libraries after they bought it from the Epic Games Store.

Most users, however, claim they cannot access their libraries or buy games, even though the EGS client continues to behave as though they are logged in. Since Death Stranding has been out for a while, the storefront’s technical issues have begun to resolve themselves.

More and more EGS users are successfully logging in, the servers are no longer constantly crashing, and the updated version of Death Stranding is finally out. It’s annoying to have to deal with technical problems, but in the past, Epic Games has been very prompt in fixing them.

At least everything turned out okay in the end. When many people try to access the Epic Games Store at once, technical difficulties like these frequently arise. Sometimes the store will crash because of Fortnite updates.

In addition, the Director’s Cut of Death Stranding is currently 40% off, costing just $6, for EGS users who were disappointed to miss the initial free availability. Whether or not the clients of some users are still displaying Chinese text is unknown. That problem, too, may soon be resolved by the Epic Games Store.

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