Dead Island 2 Revamps Skill System with Exciting Skill Deck Feature

Back in October, the release of Dead Island 2 was pushed back, and the new release date for the next installment in the over-the-top zombie co-op series is now set for April 27. We are learning more about the long-in-the-grave title as we get closer and closer to the scheduled release date.

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An additional interesting tidbit concerns the game’s skill system, which does away with the compulsory and worn-out skill tree that action games demand we obediently work our way through in order to get to the good stuff. However, it seems as though Dead Island 2 will take a different approach to things.

The creative director of Dambuster Studios, James Worrall, was a participant in a question-and-answer session with Game Informer, which was transcribed by NME. Worrall described the skill deck system as you have access to a collection of slots that stand for a wide variety of different abilities, and you can freely swap cards in and out of those slots on the fly, according to your whims and preferences.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2

You are able to take some very serious risks with the loadout you have. There are times when it is extremely profitable, and other times when it is extremely disastrous.

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It would appear that these abilities can be altered quite literally on the fly; that is to say, skills can be changed out in the middle of a battle if the player so chooses, giving them the ability to adapt their play style to the circumstances at hand.

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Frequently asked questions

Will Dead Island 2 be multiplayer?

Multiplayer. Your zombie game, of whatever genre, should almost certainly feature cooperative play. In the original Dead Island, up to four players could team up online, but in the sequel, it looks like that number has been reduced to three.

Does Dead Island 2 have guns?

You can pick them off from a distance with a wide variety of ranged weapons if you'd rather not get brain and bone bits on your clothes or if you've had enough of stale zombie breath. If you'd rather accomplish your goals from a safer distance, arm yourself with a pistol, shotgun, carbine, hunting rifle, or even a handy nail gun.