The Best Darktide Zealot Build, Weapons, and Abilities

Darktide: Although the best Darktide Zealot build is primarily geared toward hand-to-hand combat, it has a degree of adaptability that is crucial to your squad’s survival. Chastise The Wicked, the Zealot’s primary ability, propels you forward into a group of enemies. But once you’re amid the horde, what do you do?

This build links your durability and damage output; using the Zealot’s Martyrdom ability, you can deal consistently severe damage as long as you manage your health appropriately, with the Until Death ability saving you if things get out of hand.

With this build, your priority in a co-op game is to remain in action and take advantage of your teammates’ damage buffs when they become available. However, since you’re a one-person army, you probably won’t need any.

Darktide Zealot Build
Darktide Zealot Build

Best Darktide Zealot build

The best place for a Darktide Zealot to be is in the thick of battle, where he can deal the most damage to the enemy. With the feats we’ve chosen, you’ll be able to Chastise The Wicked to either get into or out of trouble, and your melee weapon’s cleave damage will be sufficient for dealing with anything the game throws at you. When you’re low on health, the damage you take will increase, so keeping your toughness shield up is essential.

You can’t help but focus on the Zealot’s Thunder Hammer, as it will most likely be your primary means of dealing damage. Your talent stacks will increase quickly, and the hordes will have difficulty closing in on you thanks to the Thunder Hammer’s massive horizontal swing on its heavy attack.

Combined with Chastise the Wicked, the Thunder Hammer’s charged special attack can deal an absurd amount of damage to a single target, allowing you to leap into a group of enemies, pick out one for execution, and dive out before they can react.

The Flamer is probably the most well-known Zealot weapon, so including it here is a no-brainer. With the Flamer in your hands, you’ll have no trouble thinning the endless herd of Pox Walkers thanks to its incredible area-of-effect damage, which ranks it among the best Darktide weapons.


Emphasize toughness and health-boosting items for your three curio slots. While you won’t have to worry about taking too much damage with this build, keeping your health up while using your extra power can be difficult if you’ve already used two charges of Chastise the Wicked.

There you have it. The optimal Darktide Zealot builds a fast, powerful fighter who can take on practically any challenge in the FPS game. If you haven’t settled on a Darktide class yet, don’t worry; we have guides for the remaining three: Veteran, Ogyrn, and Psyker.

Completing Penances and earning Trust will grant you access to more Darktide cosmetics and Penances if you’re committed to this role. If you’ve wondered if Darktide crossplay exists, we’ve got your back.

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