Top-Tier Darktide Psyker Equipment, Abilities, and Playstyle

Darktide Psyker Equipment: Do you wish to create the most effective Darktide Psyker build? Psykers are the Imperium’s sorcerers; they tap into the Warp and shape it to crush their foes’ skulls with pressure.

Furthermore, they are given bonuses with each Warp Charge they accumulate, which, when combined with the right equipment, can make them more potent as the mission progresses. You’ll need to commit to a strategy that isn’t immediately obvious to get the most out of the Psyker, the class most likely to deal the most damage out of the four Darktide types.

Protecting yourself from ranged gunfire, a common threat in the 40K universe, is essential for your role as a DPS dealer in the co-op game.

Top-Tier Darktide Psyker Equipment
Top-Tier Darktide Psyker Equipment

Best Darktide Psyker build

To those who have yet to play the new Warhammer 40,000 game, Psykers are adept at using the Warp to their advantage.

This build’s defining feature is how frequently it employs these specific attacks, which originate from various unexpected places: The Warp attack Brain Burst is similar to the Force Sword’s supercharged close combat attack.

We need Brain Burst to happen frequently because it sets off a chain reaction that instantly kills any enemies near the target.


Here are the best weapons for the Darktide Psyker build:

  • Force Sword
  • Accatran Mk II Recon Lasgun

It would help if you used a Force Sword as your primary melee weapon. This is because many of the feats you equip will be activated by the charged attack, which is a Warp attack. They are also potent weapons, able to dispatch entire armies with a few well-placed blows.

It would help if you prioritized the modifiers that increase your chance to critically strike at range and that extra deal damage to your weak spots when you’re in melee.

When you land a critical hit, the trait Blazing Spirit will apply stacks of Soulblaze, which can trigger additional effects. In contrast, the trait Riposte will increase your critical hit chance by 2.4 to 5% for five seconds after a successful dodge.

Despite the allure of the Force Staff and its seemingly limitless supply of ammunition, we advise you to equip yourself with a reliable Accatran Mk II Recon Lasgun instead. This will allow you to deal maximum damage with the Tier 5 feat’s 10% chance for each bullet to cause the Brain Burst effect.

Because of this, it can quickly dispatch Ogryns and other similarly sized enemies, including bosses. It would help if you prioritized ‘Crit chance on weak spot hit’ to increase your critical strike chance by up to 10% until you score a critical hit and ‘Deadly Accurate’ to increase your damage by an additional 40.5% and 47.5% on critical weak spot hits.

It would be optimal if the buffs increased reload times and dealt extra damage to foes protected by Flak or Carapace.


The first tier of feats is unlocked at level 5, the second at level 15, and so on, up to the final story at level 30. For the Darktide Psyker, the three available feat perks are as follows, with recommendations for the best combination:

  • When a Warp attack kills an enemy, your toughness is restored by 10%.
  • When an Elite or Specialist is killed with Brain Burst, all enemies within three meters of the dead player receive two stacks of Soulblaze. This effect is known as Wrack and Ruin.
  • Cerebral Lacerations: Dealing damage with Brain Burst causes your opponent to take 15% more damage for five seconds from all sources other than Warp.
  • Kinetic Shield: Depending on your current number of Warp Charges, you will take 10%-33% less toughness damage from ranged attacks.
  • If you’re hit as a Kinetic Flayer, there’s a 10% chance that you’ll suffer a Brain Burst. This has a 15-second cooldown and can’t happen while you’re in critical Peril.
  • All Warp Charges are used up in Ascendant Blaze: Psykinetic’s Wrath, and the number of enemies hit are multiplied by the number of Warp Charges used to determine the amount of Soulblaze applied. There is a 10% chance that enemies killed by your Soulblaze effects will award you a Warp Charge.

At first glance, the effect of Warp Absorption’s ability to restore toughness for each enemy killed by a Warp attack may not seem like much.

However, a specific skill makes this effect quite potent. Wrack and Ruin enhance your Brain Burst blitz skill by adding the Soulblaze product whenever an enemy is slain. This allows you to damage enemies over time and increases their vulnerability to attacks.

Cerebral Lacerations allow you and your allies in coherence to deal extra damage to enemies who have just been hit by Brain Burst, making it helpful in taking down bosses and other giant foes. In this build, obtaining Warp Charges shouldn’t be too tricky, so protecting yourself from harm with the Kinetic Shield is always a good idea, especially if you’re trying to sneak up on a pesky sniper.

The Kinetic Flayer ability is essential to the success of this build. The chance to cast Brain Burst for free on a target increases from 0% to 10% for all attacks (with a 15-second cooldown). If you manage to eliminate this foe, it could trigger a chain reaction that shifts the odds in your favor.

A small price to pay for such a potent effect is careful management of your Peril, which is rendered useless when it reaches a critical state. The cooldown problem is reduced to some extent by the gun you choose.

Last but not least, the secondary effect of Ascendant Blaze is to grant you Warp Charges whenever Soulblaze deals damage. The result is a steady accumulation of Warp Charges, useful not only for Psykinetic’s Wrath but also for shoring up your long-range defenses with Kinetic Shield.

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