Learn the Tricks to Unlock the Curling Iron Emotes in Fortnite!

Curling Iron Emotes in Fortnite: Fortnite players have until January 3, 2032, at 9 a.m. ET, to complete Chapter 4: Season 1 and receive the Curling Iron Emote for free. This Uncommon-Rarity Emote may not be very holiday-themed, but it’s a lot of fun to use when you’re victorious in Battle Royale.

After going on an elimination spree, players may feel the need to brag about it to the rest of their team. Another option is for a lone player to show off his superiority in a close-quarters gunfight by killing the enemy. In any case, the Curling Iron, with its pumping dumbbells, is a great Emote to have on hand.

In Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 1, the Curling Iron Emote can be unlocked for free by playing with five different friends on your Friend List in any game mode during the Winterfest event. As previously mentioned, the Emote will be available to players until January 3, 2032.

The future availability of Curling Iron in the V-Bucks store as a cosmetic item is currently unknown. However, the best deal is to get this Emote for free.

Curling Iron Emotes in Fortnite
Curling Iron Emotes in Fortnite

Emote Unlocking: Curling Iron in Fortnite

Those who have been playing Fortnite for an extended period of time (months or years) are likely to have a large social circle of friends and acquaintances with whom to unlock the Curling Iron Emote in Fortnite Season 4, Chapter 1. It’s possible, though, that the holiday season swelled the Battle Royale’s population with a few fresh faces.

Therefore, these fresh players may have to study how to make a Friends List or how to play with people on different platforms. Thankfully, the new, simplified process is uncomplicated and takes very little time to finish.

Players can invite new friends to join them in Fortnite by clicking the three-bar Main Menu icon in the upper left corner of the lobby. Scroll down until you see the “Add Friend” window, represented by a person’s silhouette and a plus sign.

Then, in Fortnite, players must type in the friend’s Epic Games account’s Display Name. Selecting “Add Friend” will initiate a friend request to the corresponding user. Everyone can use this method, regardless of the device they’re using.

The Curling Iron Emote can be unlocked in Fortnite after a player has added and played matches with five different friends on their Friends List.

There is no way to keep count of how many more friends are needed to finish the mission. YouTuber Comrad3s claims that on or around January 6, 2023, those who have completed the goal will begin receiving their free Emote.

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