Cuphead Bosses: Ultimate Ranking Challenge From Simple to Tough

The boss fights in Cuphead are the real deal, but the game also features a small number of run-and-gun platforming stages. StudioMDHR’s brilliant design of a 1930s cartoon visual style is faithfully reflected in each of the game’s 19 bosses.

Although, this isn’t a cartoon to kick back and enjoy on a lazy Saturday morning. As Cuphead progresses and Cuphead and Mugman acquire more soul contracts, the difficulty remains high.

Each boss battle in Cuphead is a harrowing ordeal that involves quick reflexes and an eye for pattern identification since each opponent goes through a series of phases. Until the release of The Delicious Last Course DLC later this year, we decided to rank the boss fights in Cuphead from easiest to hardest now that the game has been transferred from Xbox One/PC to Nintendo Switch.

The Root Pack

On Isle One, you can immediately engage in two different boss battles. One of them is called The Root Pack, and it’s a fight to the finish against three really enormous vegetables. With its demonstration of Cuphead’s multi-phase structure and its ability to avoid overwhelming the user, the Root Pack is the ideal introduction to the game.

At first, a potato will spit forth clods of soil. The second has you dodging an onion’s tears as it cries constantly. Finally, a psychedelic carrot represents the future trend of bosses having multiple attacks per phase.

The carrot fires hypnotic rays from its eyes and launches homing baby carrots in your direction. Once you get adjusted to Cuphead’s rhythm, this fight becomes quite easy, although it’s still a bit of a difficulty at the start.

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Goopy Le Grande

Another potential first boss is Goopy Le Grande. The blue glob is initially quite small, but it quickly grows in size as it bounces around the stage and occasionally unleashes a powerful blow. Then it gets angry, swells to enormous proportions, and keeps its basic attacks.

In the last phase, Goopy will try to squash you like a pancake while his gravestone jiggles around the screen. Avoiding the maneuvers in Goopy Le Grande is more difficult than in The Root Pack. The ability to dash requires expert command. Even so, Goopy is an excellent primer on the need for practice and repetition in learning to see patterns and achieve success (or more).

Werner Werman

Weirdness characterizes Werner Werman. As the last stop before entering Inkwell Hell, Inkwell Isle Three is home to the rat who lives in a soup can. Just based on his position, he should be among the game’s most challenging bosses. But in the end, he turns out to be surprisingly simple.

In Werner’s first phase, he fires a slew of slow-moving projectiles at you. In the second act, Werner sits in the center of the screen on a flamethrower’s spring-loaded seat while a row of retractable bottle caps lines the sides of the screen on either side. To avoid Werner’s flying bottle caps, you need only drop-down or climb up.

Everything is predictable and moves slowly, so there isn’t much of a challenge. In the last phase, the difficulty is increased by a big cat under Werner’s command, but the ghosts firing the projectiles can be easily killed. Considering you have to defeat a dozen or more bosses before reaching Werner, your meeting with the rat is rather easy.

Cagney Carnation

Cagney Carnation may rapidly go from cheery flowers to vengeful killing machines by firing seeds that cause damage into the air. In spite of being a boss on Isle One, Cagney Carnation might be a challenge for some. Because evading all of the seeds that turn into flying plants that chomp (like Pac-Man) can be a hassle, this first fight strongly stresses the need of parrying pink projectiles.

It’s simple to avoid Cagney’s frightening lunge, his only physical strike. Cuphead’s sprint move is essential for surviving the last phase of Cagney, which involves dodging roots that would impale you if you land on the wrong hovering platform.

Hilda Berg

Cuphead pilots a cute little plane in several boss fights in the air. These bosses are notoriously challenging in their respective Isles since you’ll need to do a lot more dodging to succeed. In the air, you have more freedom of movement, but that doesn’t make the multi-stage battles any simpler.

In the air, Hilda Berg looks like a cross between a helium-filled balloon and a chopper. It’s intimidating to try to avoid her Haha missiles and bullets in phase one. In subsequent incarnations, she assumes the appearance of a bull, an archer, and a crescent moon with a human face.

For some reason, the extraterrestrial craft is raining bullets down on you from the sky. It’s a lot to keep track of, but if you find your rhythm, you can make it through this battle with relatively few injuries.

Ribby & Croaks

These two champion frog boxers are Inkwell Isle One’s ultimate test. You’ll have to avoid Ribby and Croaks’ projectiles in the first two levels. You can speed through these stages with the help of the Chaser.

When a slot machine appears on the screen, the difficulty level immediately increases. It’s challenging enough to parry the handle while evading coins, but the true challenge comes when the slot machine opens.

The possible outcomes are Frog, Bull, or Tiger. It’s most challenging to avoid the Tiger attacks, which include dodging both moving platforms and bouncing balls. Unfortunately, you can only hurt the slot machine when it’s open and actively trying to hurt you. Unless you have excellent jumping and dodging skills, even one roll of the Tiger can be fatal.

Phantom Express

Although it’s the last battle before Inkwell Hell, Phantom Express turns out to be very easy. The fact that you’re stuck in a rail cart that requires parries to move is the most frustrating part. Throughout the game’s four acts, you’ll face off against a ghost or skeleton.

This is a long battle, but you can easily evade the projectiles and well-telegraphed moves. If you can anticipate the spirit’s strikes and parry the rail cart, you shouldn’t have any trouble avoiding their wrath. The last part is challenging, but not too long, as you just have to parry the contraption’s tail to reveal the engine.

Sally Stageplay

This boss on Isle Three isn’t quite enough of a threat to prevent you from staying for Sally Stageplay’s curtain call. Sally’s initial phase is quite simple, and her second phase requires precise positioning and continuous shooting to succeed.

The second level is the most challenging since you have to avoid falling RC cars and baby bottles. In her third act, she uses easily avoided props, and her encore is just as ineffective. Though it’s a boss from Isle 3, if you master the second phase, you should find it quite easy thanks to your acquired talents.

Baroness Von Bon Bon

Before you can defeat Baroness Von Bon Bon, the beautiful candy queen, she will cast a wide range of candy-obsessed minions at you. This fight has a chance component, just like Ribby and Croaks. Only three of her five minions will be seen on any given run.

Having to deal with henchmen like Sir Waffington III and Kernel Von Pop makes things more difficult while having a henchman like Muffsky Chernikov Sargent Gumbo Gumball on your side makes things much simpler.

Indeed, Baroness Von Bon Bon and her underlings boast the game’s most imaginative names. In the climactic stage, candy wheels and flying projectiles team up to save the queen. It’s a battle where you’ll need to experiment and study her minions’ move sets in order to prevail.

Captain Brineybeard

It’s no secret that Captain Brineybeard doesn’t want to let anyone else use his luxurious ship. He can also shoot wrecking balls from the boat and conjure sharks and octopuses. At first glance, Brineybeard seems insurmountable, if only because he possesses so many weapons.

The squid gun’s rounds and barrel will continually rain down on you from above. There is just so much going on at once that it’s difficult to keep up. In Brineybeard’s second phase, the ship’s mouth opens.

While this phase doesn’t last long, it can be challenging to evade the bullets and the massive laser beam onslaught. The Chaser and the Spread are effective against Brineybeard when used together.

Cala Maria

The first two phases of Cala Maria, a plane boss, are very powerful. All throughout the first stage, you’ll need to avoid incoming fire from a variety of different sources. In any case, avoiding harm throughout this section is essential, as she can turn you to stone in the subsequent phase if you don’t.

Once it happens, you’ll need to quickly tap the buttons to escape her storm of eels’ electric bolts. Shooting her in the head while dodging bullets and obstacles in a tunnel is much simpler than the previous phases.

Cuphead Bosses
Cuphead Bosses

Djimmi The Great

Djimmi The Great, a plane boss, has four distinct incarnations. His first two waves feature homing bullets and other hazards that may be avoided only by reducing your plane’s size. Djimmi is at his most hip when he operates a Cuphead-like puppet.

After that, you’ll be surrounded by three pyramids that fire beams in all directions while you battle a massive head. This is a very tense ending. It’s important to take care of your plane early on in the battle so that it doesn’t take any damage.

Wally Warbles

In Isle Two, Cuphead faces off against Wally Warbles, an enraged caged bird, in the skies. In the opening sequence, Wally throws eggs at you. Upon cracking, these eggs splinter into three separate, dangerous pieces.

The trick is to stay close to the left side of the screen, which will shield you from the shattered egg bits. Then Wally starts flapping his wings wildly, sending out a blizzard of feathers that need to be done through quickly.

Now that much of Wally’s hair has been shaved off, the third phase asks you to walk around the entire screen while avoiding the eggs. The final phase with Wally is shorter than the others, but it still requires you to avoid a barrage of projectiles while firing grenades into his deteriorating body. Wally is the second most difficult boss fight in the air, despite being a boss on Isle 2.

Beppi The Clown

Beppi When played alone, the Clown’s move set is among the most neutral in the game. The difficulty is that the clown’s four stages pack on top of each other to make him an exhausting ordeal. The first part of the game is relatively straightforward, but in the second part, you’ll have to avoid balloon dog heads and a passing roller coaster.

Beppi’s third form involves a carousel horse that he rides while hurling horseshoes at you in a wavering motion across the screen or in a timed sequence straight down. The rollercoaster is still around, and if you’re not careful, you could find yourself in a hopeless scenario.

Jumping across the Ferris wheel while dodging baseballs thrown from below adds an extra level of difficulty to the final phase. It’s tough to avoid injury if you fall on the floor.

Grim Matchstick

One of the bosses on Isle 2, Grim Matchstick, is notoriously challenging. The dragon’s high ranking on our list belies the fact that only the third stage is truly taxing. With enough practice, the first two stages can be completed without incurring any damage.

However, this last stage is quite challenging. In this area, you must avoid the flaming spheres that automatically move toward you. If you shoot one open instead of Grim, the flames will spread in all directions. What if you’re standing next to the globe itself? You’re taking a blow.

To add insult to injury, you need to be well above the clouds when he fires his flamethrower. In terms of difficulty, the game’s last phase is right up there with the toughest boss fight you’ll face.

The Devil

The final boss in Cuphead is difficult, but it’s not impossible. In the first stage, you’ll need to be able to spot trends and rely on chance to survive the onslaught of random strikes. It’s simpler to avoid some types of projectiles than others.

The second part of the game takes place in a cavern, where you must fight a gigantic version of the Devil’s head. If you don’t position yourself on the platforms to dodge the bomb blasts, this phase can be difficult.

The third stage is the most challenging since projectiles are coming at you from all directions except below and you have very little room to move around. There’s a gotcha moment in the final act.

Since Satan is the master of trickery, it stands to reason. Right now there is only a single, tiny ledge to stand on. Jumping away from the remaining tears and burning rings and landing back on can be a challenge if you don’t plan ahead. The last step is straightforward, although it’s easy to make a mistake there.

Rumor Honeybottoms

At the beginning of Isle Three, you’ll be met by Rumor Honeybottoms, a ruthless queen bee. The fight takes place on an upward screen, so you have to constantly switch platforms to avoid being hit. The first part is easy; all you have to do is kill a worker bee while dodging several shots.

However, the second part is quite difficult. Reports can drop down the left or right sides of the display, or they might drop down the center. Large floating spheres or triangles that start directly on top of you and blast pellets from the corners are her go-to attacks, depending on whether she’s on your left or right. She will fire missiles that follow the platforms if she is in the middle.

Just getting to the end of her cycle is quite difficult. Then it’s obviously not finished yet. Rumor, transformed into an airplane, attacks with a barrage of punches. She’ll also employ enormous circular saws to cut through one side of the display.

Never forget that you must also negotiate the shifting walkways. Warring against Rumor Honeybottoms is like trying to avoid being stung over and over again.

Dr. Kahl’s Robot

The boss fight against Dr. Kahl’s Robot is the game’s most challenging aerial encounter. It’s manic right off the bat. It has a ray cannon attached to its head and two storage areas on its frame that need to be removed.

The robot’s stomach fires ships in a fashion reminiscent of Galaga, while its chest releases a mechanism that constantly fires a laser from the top of the screen to the bottom, requiring the player to dodge in both directions.

However, the heart still needs to be destroyed, therefore eliminating the other three vulnerabilities is not enough. Avoiding the bolts and screws hurtling in your direction, not to mention the homing missiles, is a difficult task when you’re equipped with a magnet. In the next level, you’ll have to evade both the robot’s rockets and its severed head. The missiles will detonate if they come too close to you.

Last but not least, you’ll have to contend with Dr. Kahl himself. Throughout the conflict, you’ll have to navigate around electric barriers and dodge little electric currents that appear randomly on the screen. The battle against Dr. Kahl’s Robot is tremendously difficult.

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King Dice

Defeating the shady casino owner King Dice, who serves at The Devil’s bidding, is a boss in and of itself. There are a total of nine minibosses here; you must defeat at least three of them before facing off against the King.

Every superior has been assigned a fixed position at the conference room table. If you’re having dice problems, just roll till you hit the big guy. Here is a rundown of the nine sub-bosses in order of appearance:

  • Tipsy Troop
  • Chips Bettigan
  • Mr. Wheezy
  • Pip and Dot
  • Hopus Pocus
  • Phear Lap
  • Pirouletta
  • Mangosteen
  • Mr. Chimes

It’s possible to take on all of these managers, but only if you prepare well and study their tendencies in advance. From Phantom Express to Dr. Kahl’s Robot, each boss has a single, overarching phase. The sooner you can build up a healthy reserve of HP, the better off you’ll be in the fight.

If you land safely during combat, you’ll gain a hit point and increase your overall health. You can give yourself a fighting chance by increasing your health. It’s possible to lose to King Dice if you take a lot of damage before the fight even starts.

Despite appearances, King Dice does have a weakness. For his conflict, he employs a single card trick. If you can find a way to counter it, you’ll have no trouble beating him. A swarming pack of cards will appear as King Dice swipes his finger across the screen. If you can keep him from reaching the top row of the pink heart cards, you’ll be safe.

Cuphead is a possible ally as well. You can use its dash ability to quickly maneuver through stacks of cards while King Dice is switching between attacks and counterattacks. If you want to knock him out, you should punch him in the face or the head. If you can pull off all of these things, you will be unbeatable.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is the hardest Cuphead boss?

The Robot Master, Kahl, is the game's most challenging boss. It seems like the boss is rigging the game against you from the get-go. It's safe to assume that this stage was designed to be a bullet hell.

Does Cuphead have 2 endings?

Whether or not Cuphead and Mugman give The Devil their soul contracts in the game's final level, "One Hell of a Time," results in one of at least two possible endings.

Who is the new girl in Cuphead?

Chalice, Miss
In Cuphead, the third protagonist is a cup called Chalice. Her introduction occurred in the DLC's reveal trailer for Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. If either Cuphead or Mugman have the Astral Cookie charm, they can use her, but only one player can switch places with her at any given time.