Latest Leak Expects Counter-Strike 2 Release Today

Valve has said that Counter-Strike 2 is real and that it will be released this summer. The wait might be over at last. If the latest leak is true, Counter-Strike 2, the update to CS:GO that will move it to the Source 2 engine and end weeks of rumors and speculation, is finally going to come out later today.

Twitter user @gabefollower, who has been one of the best detectives for all things Counter-Strike 2, noticed that there were a lot of new backend changes, many of which used the word “today.” That would mean that either Valve is now teasing us with updates to the back end, or, much more likely, Counter-Strike 2 will finally launch later today.

Many of the things we know about Counter-Strike 2 came from back-end branch updates like this one. These updates have shown that the Source 2 update is real, that it is probably called Counter-Strike 2 in some way or at least internally, and that it is almost ready to launch because there have been more references to it in the past few weeks.

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Valve hasn’t messed with any of these updates so far, so making a troll release date now would be out of character. Counter-Strike 2 might come out later today, according to another fan theory. When Valve first changed the CS:GO Twitter image, there were five bodies in the picture.

The first idea was that this was a five-hour countdown, but when five hours passed and nothing happened, that idea was quickly thrown out. Four days after the previous image, Valve updated the image on Twitter with a single body yesterday. If the countdown was in days instead of hours, the release date would be today.

This is by far the most likely date we’ve heard for when Counter-Strike 2 will come out, but that doesn’t mean it will come out today. We all know that Valve releases things when they are ready, even if that means waiting a long time.

It’s also important to know that Steam usually has maintenance or updates on Tuesdays. First, it’s important to know that just because Steam gets an update or goes down, it doesn’t mean that CS2 is coming out.

But it could also be a good way to hide any changes to Counter-Strike 2 updates that happen behind the scenes. If the update needs to launch new servers or update old ones, it would be best to do it when Steam is down, when fewer people would notice.

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