Control 2 Release Date, Plot And Could Jesse Appear in Alan Wake 2!

Control 2 Release Date: The 2010 release of Alan Wake was a major turning point in Remedy Entertainment's history as a game studio. After the success of Alan Wake, the development team moved on to a new intellectual property, Quantum Break, which was met with mixed reviews. After the success of their critically acclaimed first-person shooter, they set their sights on developing their next AAA title, Control.

Earlier last year, control systems began appearing in gaming PCs, and boy, did they deliver. Even though the game took place entirely within the strange multidimensional “Oldest House,” the atmosphere was perfectly captured by the setting, plot, and people.

The release of Control by Remedy was fruitful in more ways than one. As a result, development has begun on both a sequel and a spin-off, the latter of which is, shockingly, also destined to be a AAA release. With both Control 2 and Alan Wake 2 on the way, Remedy fans may celebrate the holiday season early this year.

Control 2 Release Date

Remedy Entertainment has not yet announced a specific release date for the game. However, we anticipate that Control 2 will be available sometime in 2026. The sequel to Alan Wake is next for Remedy. Since they are also busy with a number of other endeavours, Control 2 will not be released anytime soon.

Next up, we expect to see projects Condor and Vanguard after Alan Wake 2. Even though Remedy has had a lot of success with Control, the developers have said they intend to expand and diversify the gameplay in the sequel (supposedly). That's why it might be a while before you see a gameplay trailer or teaser for the game.

Remedy Officially Confirmed it’s Working on Control 2

Unlike other firms (I'm looking at you, Rockstar) that keep quiet about a sequel for nearly a decade, Remedy Entertainment has given a full-on roadmap that discloses every game that is currently in development at the company. They've verified the existence of a new Control game in the document's extensive roadmap.

Though it's currently known by the codename “Heron,” we believe this project to be Control 2. The team's next project (probably Control 2) is the “most ambitious one yet,” as stated in an earnings report for 2021 that was signed off on by the CEO of Remedy. Thus, we may rest assured that the company's seasoned veterans, who developed the first game and Alan Wake, will steer the sequel.

A spin-off game set in the world of Control is now in development, and a potential sequel (or prequel) has also been confirmed. There was also a free-to-play co-op game and a remake of the original Max Payne and Max Payne 2 on the list of planned releases.

Since the worlds of Control and Alan Wake appear to be interconnected, Jesse Faden could one day run into Alan Wake. We are currently testing out some prototypes of Control 2, which is still in the conceptualization phase. No further information or trailers for the game will be released until at least 2024.

The Control Spin-off Game

The AAA Control spin-off Project Condor is currently in development. Reportedly, it's a four-person player vs environment experience. Although it's tough to picture Control's surroundings complementing such a name.

The reported budget for Condor is €25 million, which is close to Control's reported losses of €30 million. Remedy has stated above that Control 2 would be larger, thus it stands to reason that its budget will also increase accordingly.

Project Condor has yet to receive a release date, although we anticipate it will be before Control 2. As such, Remedy Entertainment's project Condor is the studio's second cooperative game in the works. Codename Vanguard is the other, and it's a joint effort with 505 Games. After over a decade of successful single-player games, the studio has decided to try its hand at a co-op game.

Control 2 Will Not Be Available Before Alan Wake 2

In 2021, Remedy made the announcement that they were working on Alan Wake 2. Given how unlikely it had looked that the franchise would ever return, the news came as a complete shock. Alan Wake, written by Sam Lake, supposedly took nearly five years to complete.

While the manifestation of Control took only three years, some sources indicate that the actual development time was closer to seven. Sales were below projections, and the lengthy development period convinced Remedy's upper management that it was best to seek other intellectual properties.

It was because of this choice that you were able to witness the emergence of Quantum Break and Control. It's safe to assume that the 2023 release date for Alan Wake 2 has been solidified as the gold standard. According to the roadmap paper, though, Control 2 is still very much in its early stages of development.

Will Control 2 Only Release for the PS5 and Xbox Series Consoles?

Remedy has not stated officially that it would not release future games for PS4 and Xbox One. However, they will only be releasing Alan Wake 2 for the PS5 and Xbox Series systems. Further, they have stated that Condor, a spinoff of Control, will “only be accessible on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.” Also, Control 2 is definitely not coming out for the PS4 or Xbox One, as it is a huge AAA game. 

Furthermore, Control 2 probably won't be released for gaming PCs until at least 2026. Additionally, it seems unlikely that next-gen systems like the PS4 and Xbox One will receive AAA title support for another generation.

However, that's all conjecture at the moment because it has already been confirmed that a AAA game, Like a Dragon 8, will release on the PS4 and Xbox One in 2024. It's currently a crapshoot whether or not Control 2 will work with retro gaming systems.

Where’s the Story Heading Next with Control 2?

The story of the control's origin and the conclusion were equally bizarre. The action takes place in the powerful setting of The Oldest House. The Oldest House is the kind of place that defies the rules of nature. This explains how you were able to see so many seemingly disparate places within such a little structure.

By the end of the game, Jesse had located Dylan. Along with this, we get the inside scoop on how he helped the Hiss break into the CIA and the FBI (FBC). The final scenes showed Jesse's promotion to the position of FBC Director. But the Hiss has not entirely vanished. You may expect to see Jesse brandishing a gun once again until the last of it is gone.

Jesse Could Appear in Alan Wake 2

Almost everyone was taken aback by Alan Wake's recurring appearances in Control's downloadable content expansions. After ten years of silence, when the Altered World Events addition to Control briefly mentioned Alan Wake and his battle with the Dark Presence, fans got the chills.

After Jesse attempted to explain what had happened at Bright Falls, images of Wake kept popping into his head. The series concluded on a cliffhanger that set up the already promised Alan Wake 2.

Now that we know both games take place in the same universe, we may assume Jesse will make an appearance in Alan Wake 2. For the time being, you'll just have to wait and see as the matter is still up for debate.

Control 2 Plot

If the two games' protagonists cross paths in Alan Wake 2, it might delay the release of Control 2 by a year. Otherwise, the game will likely begin with Jesse plotting more revenge on the Hiss. The fate of Dylan, who has been missing in action for some time, will also be explained.

Control 2 Release Date
Control 2 Release Date

Jesse has never blindly followed the Bureau's orders because they are just as mysterious as the Hiss. If it turns out that The Bureau knows more than it's letting on regarding the Altered World Events, that will be a fascinating disclosure.

The Oldest House appears to be a never-ending maze, so you'll no doubt be treated to even more incredible sights as you make your way through it. There are untold mysteries therein, and it contains information on nearly every supernatural phenomenon.

In particular, the disturbing incidents that occurred in Bright Falls with Alan Wake. It's safe to assume that Jesse and Alan aren't the only ones who have fallen victim to this nefarious power play.

Taking everything into account, the answer is yes: Remedy's next game will be Alan Wake 2. For the time being, we recommend being relieved that Control 2 has been finalised. Hold out for the sequel to Alan Wake if you're still craving more of Remedy's uncanny weirdness.