Caron Wentz wants to make 'Something Special' for the Eagles


Caron Wentz and the Eagles are looking to spin their season.

The Eagles are making a third straight postseason appearance but this one feels different. It feels kind of special, according to a participant for the first time.

Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has been the face of the franchise since he was drafted No. 2 overall in 2016. But his start in Sunday’s game will mark his first playoff action since coming to the league as a starry-eyed kid from North Dakota.

The 27-year-old entered the month of January completely healthy for the first time in three seasons after tearing an ACL and fracturing his back in back-to-back seasons. Remember, the fourth-year player came in the sport of looking “softer”.

He will start his first playoff game on Sunday and ride a four-game winning streak, one that has seen him set new franchise records for completion and yardage for a season.

Wentz became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards while not having a receiver with at least 500 yards. In any other year – any non-Lamar Jackson year – he could be in talks for league MVP.

His quest for a championship, and perhaps an opportunity to cast Nick Foles’ ghost, is now underway.

“Thanks for playing in January,” Wentz said. “The last few weeks have been back-against-the-wall (games) for us. Guys have responded and stepped forward and continue to play after play after play. Just keep believing. And here we are playing in January. Hopefully, we can make something special. “

Doug Pederson noticed in Wentz’s Leadership

Doug Pederson has thrown out Brett Favre’s name freely when talking about Carson Wentz these days.

If anyone knew Favre’s habits and habits, it would be Pederson. He adopted her for two different four-year brands.

The Eagles head coach has been effective in his praise of Wentz in recent days, specifically comparing him to Favre. While Favre’s shooting methods often make him a rodent for criticism, he racked up some amusing numbers.

The former Packer was recently named to the NFL 100 All-Time team as one of only 10 total quarterbacks. Clearly, he left an impression on Pederson.

“I think he grew up as the leader of this team,” Pederson said. “You see it now that the last few games, how he really put the team behind him and said, ‘Hey, follow me,’ and I think it’s a sign of growth and a sign of maturity. eight years in Green Bay with Brett Favre and that’s what Brett did. Brett just put the team down when the chips were against us and he said, ‘Hey, follow me,’ and that’s what Carson can do. “

Doug Pederson compares Carson Wentz leading children in trespassing with his former partner Brett Favre

“That’s what Brett did. Brett just put the team behind him when the game was against us. He said, hey follow me. And that’s what Carson can do” #Eagles

– John Clark (@JClarkNBCS) December 31, 2019

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