Carol Burnett Net Worth 2022, Early life, Career And Real Estate Updates!

Carol Burnett Net Worth: American actress, comedian, writer, and singer Carol Burnett is worth $45 million. Carol Burnett has established herself as one of the most well-known and adored people in entertainment history after a lengthy and fruitful television career. She rose to fame as an actress in theatre, radio, television, and perhaps most notably for presenting The Carol Burnett Show on CBS. Carol Burnett has garnered numerous honors for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Carol Burnett Net Worth

Net Worth: $45 Million
Date of Birth:  Apr 26, 1933 (89 years old)
Gender:  Female
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.689 m)
Profession: Comedian, Singer, Actor, Dancer, Writer, Voice Actor, Television producer
Nationality: United States of America

Carol Burnett Early Life

The daughter of Joseph Thomas Burnett, a theatre manager, and Ina Louise (née Creighton), a publicity writer for film studios, Carol Creighton Burnett was born in San Antonio, Texas, on April 26, 1933  William Henry Creighton (1873–1918) and Mabel Eudora “Mae” Jones were her maternal grandparents (1885–1967). [  She was abandoned when she was a young child with her grandmother because both of her parents were alcoholics.

In the late 1930s, her parents got divorced. After her parents relocated to Hollywood, Burnett and her grandmother moved into a one-room apartment close to her mother. They shared a boarding house with Chrissie, Burnett’s younger half-sister, in an underprivileged neighbourhood in Hollywood, California.

Burnett had an imaginary twin sister named Karen in the second grade who had dimples akin to Shirley Temple. Later, she recounted that, driven to maintain the façade, she “We hurried in and out of the house by the front entrance and the fire escape, fooling the other boarders in the rooming house where we resided. Then I was worn out, and Karen just disappeared.”   Burnett taught herself how to do the “Tarzan shout” when she was nine years old. Years later, she discovered that it was a useful vocal workout for increasing loudness, and it quickly gained popularity.

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The first times Burnett sang were in front of her family. They didn’t have a piano at the time, but her grandmother was schooled in music, and her mother played the ukulele, so they occasionally sung well-known songs in unison around the kitchen table.  Burnett and her sister usually went to the movies with her grandmother. They would bring some toilet paper from the cinema home.  The Carol Burnett Show’s sketch material was influenced by the movies she watched as a child.

At the Warner Brothers Theater, she was an usherette (now the Hollywood Pacific Theatre). She recommended two moviegoers who arrived in the final five minutes of a showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train (1951) wait until the start of the following showing in order to avoid giving away the ending, but the pair insisted on being seated. After seeing Burnett refuse to let the pair in, the manager fired her and immediately removed the epaulettes from her uniform.

 When the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce awarded her a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the 1970s after she had been a TV star years earlier, they asked her where she wanted it. Right in front of the old Warner Brothers Theater, which was located at Hollywood and Wilcox, at 6439 Hollywood Boulevard, she retorted. She first intended to pursue journalism at UCLA until, in 1951, she got an unidentified letter containing $50 for one year’s tuition. She had graduated from Hollywood High School.

She changed her concentration from English to theatre arts during her first year of college with the intention of becoming a playwright. To enrol in the playwright programme, she discovered she had to complete an acting course. She subsequently said, “I wasn’t really ready to perform the acting thing, but I had no choice,” in regard to the situation.  She suddenly felt the urge to recite her lines differently during her first performance. I immediately decided I was going to stretch out all of my sentences when we were in front of the crowd, and my first phrase came out, “I’m baaaaaaaack!” Don’t ask me why. She was extremely moved by the crowd response:

They laughed, and it was wonderful. After experiencing so much emptiness and coldness in my life, I suddenly felt that warmth enveloping me. Prior to it, I was always a quiet, shy, and depressed kind of girl. You hope to hear a laugh that fantastic for the rest of your life. She participated in a number of university productions at this time, winning praise for her comedic and musical skills. Her mother disapproved of her desire to pursue acting:

She wished for me to pursue writing. No matter what your appearance, she claimed, you can always write. She advised me to act more like a woman while I was growing up, and I once received a beating for crossing my eyes or making a silly look. Of course, neither she nor I ever imagined performing. In her autobiography One More Time, the young Burnett, who had always been self-conscious about her appearance, exclaimed, “God, that stung!” to her mother’s advice that “You can always write, no matter what you look like (1986).


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A professor at UCLA invited Burnett and a few other students to perform at a party in place of their postponed class final in 1954, her junior year (which required a performance in front of an audience). Burnett was packing cookies into her purse to take home to her grandmother when a man and his wife came over. The man commended her performance and inquired about her future goals rather than reprimanding her.

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He granted her and her partner (Don Saroyan) both a $1,000 interest-free loan on the spot when he found out that she wanted to go to New York to try her luck in musical comedy but couldn’t afford the trip. Simple terms like repaying the loans within five years, keeping his identity a secret, and promising to support other young artists in their endeavours if she was successful were all he asked in return. Burnett accepted his invitation, and she and Saroyan dropped out of school and relocated to New York to pursue acting careers. Her father passed away from alcohol-related causes the same year.

Carol Burnett Career

Carol Burnett was unable to secure any acting roles during her first year in New York, but in 1955 she did secure a small part in The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show. She then had a role in the sitcom Stanley before becoming well-known for her live performances in New York nightclubs and cabarets. Her rendition of “I Made a Fool of Myself Over John Foster Dulles” is famous for catching the attention of US Secretary of State John Dulles.

With a variety of Broadway musical performances, as well as appearances on game and variety shows like Pantomime Quiz and The Gary Moore Show, Burnett kept up her steady ascent. For her work on the latter programme, she received an Emmy, which significantly increased her star power. From this point forward, Burnett began to write show and theatre production headlines.

Carol Burnett Personal life

On December 15, 1955, Burnett wed Don Saroyan, her undergraduate sweetheart. They split up in 1962. On May 4, 1963, Burnett married Joe HamHamilton ilton, a television producer who had produced her 1962 Carnegie Hall concert and was divorced with eight children. Joe was also the brother of the actress Kipp Hamilton. Later, among other things, he created The Carol Burnett Show.  Three girls were born to the couple:

Carrie Hamilton, who passed away at the age of 38 from pneumonia brought on by lung and brain cancer, was born on December 5, 1963, and died on January 20, 2002.She was a singer and actor. Jody Hamilton is an actress and producer who was born on January 18, 1967.Singer Erin Hamilton was born on August 14, 1968.

In 1984, their union crumbled, and they divorced. One of the reasons for the split was the difficulty of managing Carrie’s drug problems, but the couple used the chance to educate other parents about how to handle such issues and collect money for the clinic where Carrie was treated. To assist in the formation of the first Alcoholics Anonymous branch in the Soviet Union, Burnett and Carrie travelled to Moscow in 1988. Cancer claimed Joe Hamilton’s life in 1991.  Burnett took part in a MedicAlert PR stunt in the 1980s as well; she is the organization’s symbolic one millionth member and wears the millionth bracelet.

Brian Miller and Burnett were wed on November 24, 2001. Miller, who is 23 years her junior, serves as the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra’s lead drummer.

Real Estate

It was revealed in 1999 that Carol Burnett had spent $2 million on an oceanfront home in Montecito, Santa Barbara. Then, she oversaw major upgrades to her new 5,000 square foot, one-story house, including a major kitchen redesign. According to the reports at the time, Burnett intended to make the residence her “main home.”

Oprah Winfrey spent $50 million on a Montecito, California, house in 2001, even though it wasn’t even listed for sale. This spawned what media outlets called “the Oprah effect,” which led other local homeowners to offer their properties for exorbitant rates. Oprah’s aggressive real estate move apparently prompted Carol Burnett, one of these homeowners, to list her Montecito residence for $36 million. Years later, despite her prior attempts to sell, it was revealed that Carol Burnett was still residing in her Montecito property.

The flat in Trump Towers that Burnett managed to sell for $5.58 million in 2008, though, The opulent condo, which is 2,000 square feet, has crown moulding and looks out over Central Park. Carol Burnett also continues to possess a home in Santa Fe as well as a residence on Manhattan’s Wilshire Boulevard.