Callisto Protocol (Ps4) Review: Notebook and Desktop Benchmarks

Callisto Protocol (Ps4) Review: Technological refinement is lacking. The Callisto Protocol joins a lengthy list of games that were unfinished when they were released in recent years. Despite the game’s technical shortcomings, we decided to use the built-in benchmark to test how the game performs on various notebook and desktop GPUs.

Callisto Protocol (Ps4) Review: Notebook and Desktop Benchmarks

Technical Aspects of Callisto Protocol

Dead Space, a superb action-horror game created by Visceral Games and released by EA in 2008, is a spiritual sequel to The Callisto Protocol. Striking Distance Studio’s debut game, running on the Unreal Engine, is a fresh twist on the space survival genre. To put it mildly, the company’s introduction isn’t exactly stellar – at least in terms of technical aspects. The Callisto Protocol began in a relatively unfinished form, just like many other games that have been released in recent months.

The problem starts as soon as the game launches: even on high-end systems, the intro movies and main menu have some very noticeable stutters (our review is based on the version dated 06 December 22, four days after the launch and the first patches). After the initial start-up, the screen may occasionally go dark for so long that you would fear the game has crashed in between the intro films and the main menu. On top of that, the game did occasionally crash on us.

The Callisto Protocol was developed in partnership with AMD, but we discovered some incredibly bad flickering when playing the game on some AMD-based machines, which is another thing that is equally frustrating. And this is in addition to the choppy game experience that already has occasional (small) stutters. In a word, the developer has to continue working on the game and provide additional patches to enhance its technical performance. We can only advise against playing the game as it is right now.

Callisto Protocol (Ps4) Review

The game’s creator should consider updating the visuals menu as well. Due to the menu’s numerous sub-menus, the majority of which have only a few selections, it is not very user-friendly. The resolution, brightness, gamma (including HDR compatibility), and a few other parameters are located under the display tab while V-Sync, framerate limit, and DirectX mode can be changed in the general tab. The lighting menu that follows contains numerous quality and ray-tracing choices. An effects tab and an advanced graphics menu are also present.

When you use one of the four convenient settings, the game automatically activates FSR upscaling (DLSS is not supported). For each of our measurements, FSR was manually turned off. One convenient aspect is that you don’t have to restart the game each time you modify the visual settings (except DirectX mode). However, the menu barely offers any descriptions of what each setting accomplishes, let alone comparative pictures.

Callisto Protocol Benchmark

We must give the game credit for having a built-in benchmark tool that enables users to quickly and easily monitor frame rates. The roughly 45-second scenario includes a pan through a hallway filled with monsters. Sadly, nothing is displayed while the benchmark process is running.

Additionally, the final result is quite illogical because it only provides the average frame rate and no other useful or interesting information (see video). To combat the irritating stuttering that, as was already mentioned, occurs essentially no matter what machine or settings are utilized, both the benchmark and the game itself should run at 50 fps and higher.

Results of Callisto Protocol Ps4

For the benchmarks, we mostly used equipment that was lent to us by XMG (Schenker Technologies).

FHD (1,920 x 1,080) (1,920 x 1,080)

The Callisto Protocol generally exhibits choppy performance on iGPUs comparable to an Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7. Only the Radeon 680M was able to generate a playable 40 frames per second at 1080p with the Low preset.

A mid-range graphics card, such as the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti, is required to play the game at medium settings. The Callisto Protocol must be operated at the High or Ultra presets, which call for an upper mid-range or high-end GPU (such as the GeForce RTX 3060 and Radeon RX 6800M).

Frequently Asked Question

Does Callisto Protocol have new game plus?

The new game plus feature is absent from the Callisto Protocol at launch, thus it's crucial that both it and the Dead Space remake handle it properly.

How long to beat Callisto protocol?

How long is the Callisto Protocol if I tell the story in its entirety? The Callisto Protocol can take you roughly 912 hours to finish if you want to go with the minimal experience. This disregards any optional tasks or finding additional weapons.


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