Breath of the Wild: Where to Grow Tabantha Wheat?

Breath of the Wild’s cooking mechanism allows Link to replenish health or stamina without gathering recovery hearts or stamina fruit. Any ingredient Link comes across can essentially be eaten. However, preparing it first will yield superior results. While certain ingredients can only be used as a dish component, others can be cooked independently to form a meal.

Hylian Rice and Tabantha Wheat are the two varieties of grain found in Breath of the Wild. Almost anywhere will have Hylian rice, although Tabantha wheat is less prevalent. West of Hyrule exploration may lead to the discovery of Tabantha Wheat more quickly than east.

How to Get Tabantha Wheat?

Similar to how Hylian Rice is harvested, Tabantha Wheat is gathered by seeking out and cutting down patches of thick grass with a sword. As Link may utilize a Spin Attack with a single-handed weapon (like Master Sword), doing so is advised. Keep in mind how the Tabantha Wheat and Hylian Rice differ in appearance. Hylian Rice appears to “spread out,” but Tabantha Wheat is bulky and compacted together.

Tabantha Wheat
                                                                      Tabantha Wheat

The problem with Tabantha Wheat is that it can only be found in one place. The Tabantha and Hebra Provinces are located in Hyrule’s northwest. In Tabantha and Hebra’s non-snowy, non-freezing regions, wheat can be grown by chopping down grass. Some can be farmed right outside Rito Village.

Where to Buy Tabantha Wheat?

Other sources of Tabantha Wheat include the general store in Rito Village and the stand outside the culinary class in Gerudo Town. Tabantha Wheat sells for 12 rupees per kilo; shops usually keep three bags on hand. There is a complete set available for purchase for only 36 rupees.

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Tabantha Wheat
                                                              Tabantha Wheat

Where to Use Tabantha Wheat?

Tabantha Wheat is only suitable for eating and selling. Tabantha Wheat is used in most of the game’s sweets and some stews. The Clam Chowder Recipe, for instance, calls for a hearty blue shell snail, goat butter, fresh milk, and Tabatha wheat.

If possible, the player should not prepare Tabantha Wheat by himself. Because of this, Link eats Dubious Food, which only heals him halfway. Due to its rarity, Tabantha Wheat should be used exclusively in recipes calling for it.

In addition to the ones listed above, the following recipes call for Tabatha Wheat:

  • Pumpkin Stew
  • Nut Cake
  • Fruit Cake
  • Salmon Meuniere
  • Fish Pie
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