Gearbox Says Borderlands 3’s Sales Have Been “Well Beyond” Their Expectations

Epic Games has said that Borderlands 3 sold much better than expected. In a new interview with PC Gamer this week, Steve Allison, general manager of the Epic Games Store, said that Borderlands 3 had sold more than expected.

Allison said –

“It just crushed, like, well beyond the expectations of the developers and the publishers.”

Borderlands 3 had a really long tail of post-launch content in the years after it came out, so maybe it’s not that surprising that it sold like crazy. Gearbox worked hard after the game came out to add new Vault Hunters and a full cross-play update that linked the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms together.

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For Borderlands 3, there were even more small changes, like new skill trees for characters like Moze and brand-new game modes like Arms Race. When a game does better than its developer and publisher thought it would, adding content for years and years after launch makes a lot more sense.

Embracer might have paid $1.3 billion to buy Gearbox because of how well Borderlands 3 sold. If the looter shooter really has done that well, it would make sense for Gearbox to be a desirable company to buy, especially since the studio is committed to making Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, which will add to the Borderlands series.

There’s also the Borderlands movie to think about. If the movie does well, it’s not crazy to think that Borderlands 3’s sales will get a little boost. This could set the sequel up for even bigger things in the future.