Best Widget Apps For iOS 16

Learn more about your iPhone widgets available for customization. Since iOS 16, Apple's latest mobile software update, has been available on iPhones for a week, programmers have been quick to update their apps to take advantage of the device's new features, such as the widgets that can be placed on the lock screen.

You can now customize the look of the lock screen on your iPhone by changing the wallpaper, the typeface, and even the widgets that remain on the screen even when your iPhone is locked. Below the time, you'll see either a circle or a rectangle-shaped widget, and above the time itself, you'll see a bar-shaped inline widget. Apple‘s native apps like Weather, Calendar, and News, as well as countless third-party widgets from your favorite apps (including Google's), are all available as widgets (soon). Look at the best widget-containing apps for the new iOS 16 iPhone lock screen.

Apps For iOS 16 That Let You Create Your Own Widgets 

  • ScreenKit

With the release of iOS 16, ScreenKit, another widget-customization software, has begun supporting lock screens. The software has a ton of unique icons and graphical enhancements. ScreenKit allows it simple to design a widget for the lock screen from scratch, and then modify it further by changing the background, colors, and so on.

  • Widgetsmith

In 2020, when iOS 14 introduced widgets to the home screen, Widgetsmith, a powerful iPhone app for building and editing your own widgets, was released. The software has just been updated to let users use their custom widget tricks on the lock screen of their iPhones. Widgetsmith allows you to make and modify all three varieties of lock screen widgets, allowing you to display everything from calendar events and text to weather forecasts and images.

iOS 16 Apps That Trigger Functions Or Other Apps 

  • Launchify

Launchify, a new app released alongside iOS 16, allows you to create shortcuts on your iPhone's lock screen that launch your most frequently used apps or web pages. You can use the app's built-in library of hundreds of icons, or import your own. Launchify's free edition only allows you to add two circular widgets to your lock screen, but paying $17 annually or $2 monthly grants access to all of Launchify's widgets and the option to add apps that aren't already in Launchify's database.

  • Launcher

Launcher‘s widgets have always been compatible with the home screen and Today View. You may set up shortcuts in the app to launch your favorite music player, call your best friend, or open a specific website. Most of Launcher's features have been ported over to the iPhone lock screen. Simply tap a loved one's picture to start a chat or give them a call.

iOS 16 Utilities, Social Media, And Trackers Apps With Lock-screen Widgets 

  • Facebook 

On the day iOS 16 was released, the social networking behemoth Facebook startled its customers by updating its iPhone app to allow two lock screen widgets. Easily post important updates from your pals or mark important birthdays. There are both circular and rectangular variations of the birthday widget. You can only get the top updates widget, which displays your most recent Facebook alerts, in a bigger rectangular form.

  • Dark Noise

Dark Noise, an iPhone app that plays ambient sounds in the background, has become a popular aid for people who need white noise to sleep or concentrate. White noise can now be played from the safe screen. In order to better access the numerous noises and sounds found within the program, Dark Noise has implemented all three widget kinds.

  • Flighty

Flighty, a popular flight-tracking app, has been updated to allow lock screen widgets. You may now check your iPhone for up-to-the-minute information about arriving and departing flights. Detailed travel information such as your gate number, seat assignment, and baggage claim details can be added as widgets to your lock screen, along with a countdown to your trip, the weather at your destination, a progress meter while in flight, and more.

  • WaterMinder

With the health-oriented iPhone software WaterMinder, you can now receive notifications on your iPhone's lock screen to remind you to drink more water. Eight new lock screen widget designs have been introduced in the most current version of the app. The lock screen of your iPhone now features a water gauge, hourly and weekly graphs, and a drinking log.

  • Apollo for Reddit

This third-party program is great for avid users of the popular discussion board because it adds new lock screen widgets for monitoring Reddit. Christian Selig, the developer of Apollo for Reddit, has made a number of new lock screen widgets available so that you can keep tabs on Reddit activity even when your iPhone is locked. You can customize your Reddit experience by including widgets that display information like the number of upvotes your latest post has received, the number of new messages you have received, your current karma score, the number of upvoted posts, the number of upvoted posts you have bookmarked, and the number of upvoted bookmarks to your favorite subreddits.

  • Things

Things is a popular iPhone personal task manager that allows you to build to-do lists and track your progress through them. A new upgrade for iOS 16 puts much of the power of Things directly into your iPhone lock screen. Things' new widgets allow you to see what's on your to-do list, add items to it, and see how far along you are in accomplishing them. Things' lock screen widget defaults to the tasks in your Today list, but you can change it to show additional objects like your inbox, deadlines, or shopping lists.

  • Parcel

A Parcel is a helpful software that tracks packages from 300 different carriers, such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and the United States Postal Service, so you can see when they will arrive. The software has been updated for iOS 16 so that you may track a parcel without unlocking your device. Lock screen widgets from Parcel are available in three different shapes: circle, square, and inline.

More iPhone Apps With Widgets For The Lock Screen In Ios 16.

To accommodate iOS 16, a plethora of iPhone apps have released new versions or incorporated lock screen widgets. We've compiled a list of the latest apps to include lock screen widgets:

  • Aviary 2- Twitter app
  • Calory- diet coach and nutrition tracker
  • Calzy- calculator app
  • CardioBot- heart health tracker
  • Carrot Weather- humorous weather app
  • Daily Dictionary- word of the day app
  • Empirical Sleep- sleep tracker
  • Fantastical- calendar app
  • Flitsmeister- speed trap detector
  • Foodlapse- diet tracker
  • Gentler Streak- workout tracker
  • GoodLinks- link aggregator
  • Halide Mark II- camera app
  • Home Widget for HomeKit- home automation app
  • Lock Screen Shortcuts- lock screen widget app
  • LookUp- dictionary app
  • Lumy- sun tracker
  • Mercury Weather- weather app
  • MoneyCoach- budgeting app
  • Motivation – Daily Quotes- inspirational daily quotes
  • NapBot- sleep cycle monitor
  • Overcast- podcast app
  • Personal Best – Workouts- exercise tracker
  • Pestle- grocery list and meal planner
  • Pretty Progress- countdown timers
  • QuickScan- OCR scanner app
  • RainViewer- storm tracker and weather radar
  • Scanner Pro- mobile scanning app
  • Slopes: Ski & Snowboard- snow report and GPS tracker
  • SmartGym- fitness app
  • Soor- music player
  • Speedy- quick access to contacts
  • Steps- activity tracker
  • Streaks- a to-do list
  • Tempo for Runners- running log
  • Themify- home screen customization
  • Todoist- task manager
  • TripIt- travel planner
  • Weather Strip- weather app
  • Zones: Time Zone Conversion- global time tracker