VALORANT Best Phantom Skins Are Listed Below!

Best Phantom Skins: The Phantom is VALORANT's more understated assault rifle, perfect for controller players in spam situations and close-range fights thanks to its low recoil and lack of bullet tracers. And with many fantastic skins, players can smack opponents while still looking good.

The Phantom is blessed with many beautiful skins, each with unique animations. These adornments can do anything from snatching an opponent into a black hole to launching them into the air with the help of a bull. While there are many different skins to pick from, some are unquestionably superior to others. VALORANT's top Phantom skins are listed below.


The Recon Phantom's understated design resembles the realistic weapons featured in games like Rainbow Six: Siege and early entries in the Call of Duty series. The black and red military camo colorway from the Recon line is a fan favorite and an excellent match for those who have tracked down the elusive Riot gun buddy.


One of Recon's defining characteristics is the randomization of its weapon attachments, which switch between a flashlight, a laser sight, and foregrips with every in-match purchase.


Players of VALORANT were bestowed with a unique theme, fantastic animations, a devastating finisher, and faultless Oni variants. Your skin is practically flawless. The horned demon-like ogre, or oni, is a central motif in Japanese folk art and oni.

You can give your character a calm spiritual aura by upgrading the skin's animations, and you can use a finisher that summons swords from the sky to trap your opponent as cherry blossoms float through the air.

The Arizona variety is gorgeous; it combines mint green and bright pink shades. The standard that Oni, one of the Phantom's oldest skins, establishes is high.

Prime 2.0

The ever-popular theme was revived in Prime 2.0 with a few tweaks and a new addition: a Phantom. As expected, it lives up to expectations. Senior weapon artist Chris Stone claims that the Prime Phantom's sleek, clean, and modern design was inspired by a hypercar.

The reload movement is the same as its forerunner's, but it now has side exhaust ports so light can shine through. And its finishing move is to call a bull and toss your foe into the air, where they will explode in a blaze of neon light.

Prime 2.0
Prime 2.0

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Glitchpop 2.0

The Riot development team recently surprised their audience with a second Glitchpop bundle, bringing the famous skin line to VALORANT‘s most frequently used weapons. For fans of the cyberpunk genre, it was manna from heaven.

Producer of skins Preeti Khanolkar previously stated in a February interview with HITSCAN that Riot's goal with the bundle was to make “everything [look] uniform and [follow] the same design” as the first Glitchpop bundle. Consequently, the Phantom has the same neon color scheme and industrial look and feel as its predecessor.

In addition, you receive funny stickers all over the game, and when you defeat an enemy, a rainbow of ads will burst forth from the screen. The gun's muffled shots take on a more futuristic tone and sound fantastic with the new skin. The Riot skin line is fantastic; it's a colorful cosmetic that doesn't detract from the overall design.


Like the Pulsefire skins in League of Legends? Ion is a must-have for you. White and blue are the primary colors in Ion's futuristic design, which also features a central core that provides energy. In effect, the weapon's core is constantly being replaced with a new one every time it is reloaded.

When fired or equipped, it makes an excellent pulsing noise and displays a geometric pattern. As expected from its finisher, the enemy is blown to bits by a sphere of electro-pulse. Since it lacks flash and distraction while still providing a minimalist aesthetic, Ion can be used by anyone.

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