Full Patch Notes for Battlefield 2042 Update 1.1 Are Now Available

You’ll find fresh repairs, quality-of-life upgrades, and balancing adjustments in this update. Here are some examples of what to anticipate: New XP events have been added for pilot deaths, mine clearance, and repairs.

Several modifications to the vehicle balance, such as a decrease in the 50mm Cannon’s power on the MV38-Condor. DMR adjustment to boost their value in long-range combat. New playspaces, vehicles, modifiers and rules editor options are added to Battlefield Portal to enable the construction of custom game variants further.

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  • The Main Menu now features a new widget that displays how many friends are online at any one time. The number of online buddies is now directly visible on the Social tab.
  • You can now see in voice chat options which device is being utilized for voice input.
  • Fixed certain issues where controllers wouldn’t send input when the game was launched.
  • When the party leader has already started the next game, you won’t anymore get trapped at the “party leader selects game” screen in the lobby. Friendships remain strong!
  • You won’t see Unassigned or Not anymore. When utilizing a different controller strategy, set text in the menus.
  • The Social menu now includes an icon for the Party Leader.
  • Now, the camera settings for the vehicle’s third-person field of view take effect right away without requiring another cycle through the camera options.
  • Your VoIP setting is now automatically changed to Party when you switch squads while at a party.
  • When the “Show Kills Made” setting was set to ALL, the Kill Log occasionally didn’t display all kills. It now accurately displays every kill.
  • Weapon Charms ought should now always be visible while browsing the menu.
  • Now, Bonus Missions display the proper expiration time.
  • After participating in a Portal match, the Battle Pass awards’ End of Round images is now present.
  • When previewing Charms in the catalog, the Zoom button now works as intended.
  • Smoother zooming has been added to preview menus.
  • overlapping icons in the tags for players you’ve removed have been fixed.
  • Challenges that have been completed but have not yet been awarded rewards should now do so.
  • Additional fresh XP events have been included:
  • The new pilot kills bonus event begins when you snipe and assassinate an air vehicle’s pilot.
  • Disarming newer When you disarm an enemy AT, the Mine Event is triggered. When someone in a vehicle you recently fixed kills an opponent with that vehicle, a mine utilizing Interact Repair Assist triggers.
  • Spot Assist XP reward downgraded to 10 XP
  • Players of the Match are chosen in a more consistent manner today.
  • When a player’s state changes, their icons, and health bars update more quickly now.
  • made a number of adjustments to improve the camera experience overall.
  • There have been various improvements made to The Kill Card:
  • On the Kill Card, information about the killer is now displayed alongside a list of close or approaching receivers.
  • An assist won’t appear on the Kill card if there were no assists involved in the kill.
  • There is now an animation for the Killcard when it appears on the screen, when it is hidden, or when it is skipped.

Battlefield Portal

  • The new game defaults The Web Builder now incorporates Air Superiority and Ground Superiority.
  • Both the Air Superiority and Ground Superiority game modes let you change the number of vehicles.
  • AI soldiers are now more adept at scaling ladders on maps from the Classic era.
  • Ranger was added to the Restrictions tab. Teleportation action block now functions within HQs. Underbarrel attachments can now be refilled as intended by Ammo Crates.


  • New and unique character voices have been added for:
    • Battlefield 1942 British Engineer
    • Battlefield 1942 American Anti-Tank
    • Battlefield 1942 German Engineer (aka Günter)
  • Additional voice-over lines have been added for Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 non-squad soldiers


  • Added 4 extra-small layouts for existing maps (Battle of the Bulge, El Alamein, Kaleidoscope, and Manifest). These are suitable for creating new Vehicle TDM experiences, but they’ll also work with Team Deathmatch and Free-for-All modes
  • Several fixes have been made across Classic era maps to resolve terrain, prop, and collision issues


  • Added Passenger Seat Modifier: disabling passenger seats allows for a higher maximum number of vehicles.
  • Added the option to toggle passenger seat availability
  • Added Set Max Health Multiplier modifier for vehicles
  • Added InfiniteWeaponMagazines modifier
  • Added Projectile speed multiplier modifier for throwable items

Rules Editor

  • Added CompareVehicleName value block and VehicleName selection list block
  • Added GetVehicleState GetPosition value block for vehicles
  • Added GetVehicleState GetFacingDirection value block for vehicles
  • Added AllPlayersInsideVehicle array value block
  • Added GetVehicleState LinearVelocity value block
  • Added the option to enable and disable capture points in Air Superiority and Ground Superiority experiences
  • Added GetCapturePoint value block
  • Allow error reports to send additional payloads in Error Logs
  • Add a new action block for sending custom error reports in Logic Editor

Hazard Zone

We’ve made a number of adjustments to lessen Hazard Zone’s dependency on Data Drive Scanners. The mode should be simpler to grasp with more options for the gadgets you can use to deploy.

  • The increased cost of the Data Drive Scanner from 0 to 200
  • Now only shows players carrying Data Drives when scanning
  • Data Drives are now globally shown in the world
  • IBA Armor Plates are now free and the default gadget

Hazard Zone now has Second Chance, a brand-new mechanic. As a result, it ought to be more understanding when you first meet and begin interacting with new team members.

  • If your squad wipes before the first extraction, then the whole squad is redeployed one time after 15 seconds, at a different location from where you first inserted
  • Redeploy and Second Chance now spawns players at 500m instead of 100m. Until the player is 100m above the ground, the parachute cannot be used

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