Apple’s M2 MacBook Air Release Date Status Revealed And Latest Info!

A few weeks ago, Apple introduced the M2 MacBook Air at WWDC 2022, showcasing nearly every aspect of the updated notebook. Apple demonstrated the new look and notched display while going over all the specifications, including the introduction of a brand-new M2 System-on-Chip (SoC). The new M2 MacBook Air’s prices were also disclosed, however, Apple omitted the information that many customers wished to know: the exact date of availability.

According to a recent source, the debut of the new MacBook Air could happen in the coming weeks.

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Apple did not provide presale or release dates when it announced at WWDC that the new MacBook Air would debut in July. With the MacBook Pro M2, it performed the same action. Apple, however, stated at the time that the 2022 Pro would be accessible in June.

Apple launched preorders for the new MacBook Pro and announced the delivery date more than a week after the June 6th WWDC 2022 keynote. After that, we watched the initial wave of reviews. However, Apple remained silent regarding the M2 MacBook Air.

Although Apple often begins selling its items as soon as they are announced, shipping delays are expected. The epidemic made it harder for Apple to follow its product rollout strategy. Additionally, the supply of MacBooks was mostly impacted by the lockdowns in China this spring. This explains why both the M2 MacBook Pro and the new Air were delayed in their release dates.

Release information for the M2 MacBook Air

Soon, MacBook Air aficionados eager to order the laptop and get their hands on the new M2 SoC will be able to do so. That is, assuming a recent leak is reliable.

The M2 MacBook Air will go on sale on Friday, July 15th, according to a retail insider who spoke with MacRumors. Preorders should be accessible online beginning on July 8th, one week sooner.

The week prior to release, Apple usually issues a press release announcing the start of new Mac sales. If the information in the leak is reliable, we may anticipate Apple to reveal the M2 MacBook Air’s availability information sometime after the July 4th holiday.

How to choose a MacBook Air?

Recall that the starting price for the new MacBook Air’s M2 model with an 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU, and 256GB of storage is $1,199. Better 10-core CPU performance and double the storage are included in the $1,499 model (512GB).

The older M1 MacBook Air, which still has Apple’s classic look, starts at $999 if you require a less expensive option.

It should be noted that the recently released M2 MacBook Pro performs similarly to the Air. Even though the Pro has an outdated design, the lowest variant has the best M2 SoC available. The 10-core GPU model with 256GB of storage is available for $1,299 in total. The $1,499 M2 MacBook Pro’s specifications are identical to those of the M2 MacBook Air.

There is one benefit the new MacBook Pro has over the Air. The active cooling it has allows it to maintain peak performance for longer periods of time. The fanless MacBook Air may, however, have longer battery life. To find out which machine is superior, we must wait for reviews.

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