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Apple’s AR Glasses Progress Reportedly Stalled Indefinitely

Apple's AR Glasses Progress Reportedly Stalled Indefinitely

Apple's AR Glasses Progress Reportedly Stalled Indefinitely

According to a recent media rumor, Apple has indefinitely postponed the release of its highly anticipated augmented-reality glasses due to technical issues. On Tuesday, Bloomberg reported that Apple is still planning to deploy its new mixed-reality headset this spring, despite the difficulties associated with the launching of the new AR glasses.

Apple's AR Glasses Progress Reportedly Stalled Indefinitely

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The headset, dubbed Reality Pro, will utilize the firm's xrOS platform. Apple's mixed-reality product, in contrast to the delayed augmented-reality glasses, merges real-world settings with computer-generated visuals.

As reported by Bloomberg, the device will set consumers back around $3,000. The company has decided to stop working on the AR glasses and instead focus on developing a cheaper second-generation headset for release in 2024 or 2025.

Apple's AR Glasses Progress Reportedly Stalled Indefinitely

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The rumor states that Apple will use iPhone-style CPUs in the upcoming headset to keep costs down. The release of this headset pits the tech giant squarely against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's Meta. In 2016, Zuckerberg introduced the metaverse, a virtual reality environment where people may communicate with others all around the world.

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The fact that Apple's tablet and smartphone customers may enjoy augmented reality created by third-party developers gives the company a commanding position in the virtual and augmented reality business.

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Frequently asked questions

Are Apple AR glasses real?

Reports from Bloomberg indicate that Apple has halted work on its augmented reality Apple Glasses, which were to be released following the company's mixed reality headgear. Due to technological issues, development of the product has been delayed.

What does AR stand for Apple glasses?

Realism that has been digitally enhanced
Because of augmented reality, not only is that possible, but it now exists. The ways in which people work, learn, play, and shop, as well as connect with the environment around them, are all revolutionized by augmented reality (AR).

What is the difference between AR and VR glasses?

Augmented reality takes place in the actual world, while virtual reality takes place entirely in a computer-generated environment. Users of augmented reality can manage their physical presence, while those in virtual reality are at the mercy of the technology. Virtual reality headsets are necessary to experience AR on a smartphone. While virtual reality can only improve upon a made-up reality, augmented reality can improve upon both the virtual and physical worlds.

Is AR glasses the future?

Apple's reported augmented reality headset isn't due out until "late 2024," but the company's interest in the technology might force the whole smartphone sector to change course. Renowned Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo predicts that in 10 years, Apple will replace the iPhone with AR glasses.


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