Apple Watch Series 8 & Se Reviews: Some Reasons To Upgrade Series

While the additional Crash Detection and temperature sensing functions of the Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE are helpful, most reviewers agree that upgrading isn’t necessary unless you’re upgrading from an ancient device. On September 7, during its Far Out event, Apple unveiled the redesigned Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 8. Customers anticipate receiving their orders for the new wearables on Friday, September 16.

Large media sites and YouTube stars are often among the first to receive the new devices, giving them only a short window to form initial impressions and comprehensive reviews. The reviews for these Apple watches reflect the consensus that the company made few significant changes to its design or functionality. Apple is skilled at incrementally enhancing its products. Even though the Series 8 Apple Watch has been overshadowed by the unveiling of the Apple Watch Ultra, it still has a lot going for it.

  • Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor for enhanced cycle tracking is a nice feature, but not every update will be a game changer. The improved accelerometer and gyroscope are welcome additions. However, they don’t appear to have enhanced the workout detection feature.

  • Battery life

The iPhone’s battery life is still a concern, but Apple has provided customers with a solution in the form of Low Power Mode. With the expectation that Apple will solve the root cause of short battery life in a subsequent model, this only treats the symptom.

  • Health Watch

If you already own an Apple Watch Series 6 or 7, CNET claims there is little need to upgrade to the Series 8. On the other hand, if you’re not interested in upgrading to the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s the most feature-packed option for monitoring your health.

  • Modern Smartwatch With Small Price

Since the Apple Watch Series 3 has been discontinued, the Apple Watch SE has become the company’s entry-level smartwatch. However, it lacks some features they would find desirable in a modern smartwatch, such as an always-on display. In other words, if you want an Apple Watch but can’t reasonably afford $400, this is the one to get. Those who own an Apple Watch produced during the past three years are not eligible to apply. 

  • Minor Updates And Bug

All across The Verge, we talk about how updating and fixing bugs are ways to keep things moving forward. These improvements may seem trivial, taken separately, but they will add up over time.

  • Reason For Upgrade To The New Series 8 Model

Apple Watch consumers who already have a device do not need to buy the new Series 8 model; it has been reported. The most incredible new features result from watchOS 9, and all generations’ users will have roughly the same experience because the same CPU and sensors are used across the board. As with competing products, the temperature sensor doesn’t actively collect data but records it.

Comparing the Apple Watch to the Oura Ring showed similar findings. The reviewer didn’t try the other functions in person because the temperature sensor takes a week to establish a baseline.

  • Best Option For Most People

If you’re looking for an Apple Watch, Series 8 is your best bet. While current owners of a Series 6 or later Apple Watch should go elsewhere, this model and the Apple Watch SE are excellent choices for anyone looking to upgrade from an older Apple Watch or purchase their first Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 Reviews
Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 Reviews

Some Other Reviews 

Justine, a popular YouTuber, says she can’t wait to test the temperature tracking on Apple Watch Series 8 thoroughly, but she realizes that a week isn’t long enough. She does several indoor and outdoor workouts to demonstrate Apple Fitness+ and its running features.

For some users, like ovulators, the built-in temperature monitor could be enough to justify the cost of an upgrade. The primary factor is whether or not the user intends to wear the watch to bed to monitor their sleep.