Apple Watch Series 8 And Apple Watch Pro: What’s New Feature?

We're one day away from Apple'sFar Out” event, and there's already some information regarding the Series 8 and Pro versions of the Apple Watch to share.

Although some have speculated that Apple may release a “new very cheap kids-focused watch,” according to analyst Mark Gurman, this will not happen.

Furthermore, CAD schematics of the following formidable Apple Watch Pro have been released, with Mark Gurman claiming that the device will have the same round form as the Apple Watch Series 7.

When it comes to the CAD drawings, though, that new button on the left side “Is probably programmable to do whatever you want.” “The introduction of a new app, feature, or exercise routine, for instance.”

In addition, Gurman said the new Apple Watch Probands will be “wide-ranging and play into extreme sports theme.” Apple Watch Pro watch faces will be data-rich, similar to those found on Garmin watches.

Some rumors have suggested that the Apple Watch Pro will be available in a casing size anywhere from 47mm to 49mm, and even 51mm. Some words indicate that the new left-side protruding button could be a fingerprint scanner.

This button could also make it possible to use the watch while wearing gloves or submerged in water. We'll have to wait and see if Apple's newly patented “Hydration Sensor” makes it into the Series 8 or the Pro model.