Apple Maps Gets a Makeover: Here’s a Preview of the Exciting New Update!

Apple Maps: On Wednesday, Apple made an important announcement on the upcoming major upgrade to Apple Maps. This update will bring new pictures, buttons, and promotions to the app that are associated with business pages.

This change will encourage users of Apple Maps to seek further information beyond just directions by providing new information and photographs about business locations.

It’s the most recent example of the battle between Apple Maps and Google Maps, the latter of which includes powerful capabilities that enable businesses to alter and add content to their profiles.

More user-friendly interactivity will be available on the app’s company pages, which will appear in response to searches made within the app for specific locations.

For instance, companies can now display a “Showcase,” which is a module with a large photo and the option to emphasize offers or limited-time promotions. This feature is available on Apple Maps.

Apple Maps
Apple Maps

Apple Maps will also provide a way for companies to put buttons at the top of their profile that allows customers to place orders or bookings. Siri and other Apple applications will also make use of the additional map information that has been gathered.

Apple’s announcement includes a new web app for businesses that maintain Apple Maps pages. This app is called Business Connect, and it allows businesses to claim their location, edit details such as whether or not they accept credit cards, update photos and logos, and offer special discounts and promotions.

The digital map listings of large enterprises are typically managed by software such as Yext or Reputation, and both of these programs will interface with Apple’s new system.

Apple is also providing a new dashboard for business owners that measures metrics such as how customers are landing on their Apple Maps page and what they are interacting with.

This dashboard functions in a manner that is analogous to dashboards used for tracking search engine optimization.

Apple does not charge businesses for access to these services, and the company does not sell advertising space within maps. The following are some upcoming modifications to the Apple Maps application:

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