Apple is Supposedly Working On Several New Monitors

Apple is Supposedly Working On Several New Monitors. If you’re an Apple fan who wasn’t thrilled by the Studio Display, you might soon have other options. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that Apple is working on “several new external monitors,” including an update to its 32-inch Pro Display XDR for 2019.

Little is known about the future displays at this time. However, Gurman has speculated that they will use Apple Silicon chipsets like the Studio Display’s unique A13 Bionic processor. He also mentions that the new Pro Display XDR might be released soon after the M2 Mac Pro (more on the computer in a moment).

Apple Working On Several New Monitors
Apple Working On Several New Monitors

There has been no word on whether or not a new Studio Display will be part of Apple‘s lineup of display updates. In October, display expert Ross Young tweeted that the company was planning to deliver a monitor with a 27-inch mini-LED panel in the first quarter of 2023, which MacRumors later confirmed.

Young said that Apple would incorporate its ProMotion technology into the next iteration of the Studio Display based on the details he provided. Gurman also addresses the long-awaited Mac Pro M2 upgrade. According to his October story, the machine would come standard with the “Extreme” form of the company’s M2 chipset, which supported up to 48 cores and 256GB of RAM.

Gurman claims Apple has scrapped those intentions since then. An M2 Extreme Mac Pro, based on Apple’s existing pricing structure, would cost at least $10,000 (without any other enhancements), making it an extremely specialized product that is probably not worth the research expenses, engineering resources, and production bandwidth would require, argues Gurman.

The last model, as things stand, is said to pack an M2 Ultra chipset with up to 24 CPU cores, 76 GPU cores, and at least 192GB of RAM. The new Mac Pro, according to Gurman, is just as upgradable as the existing model, with the same capacity for additional memory. Since Apple’s current CPUs have soldered RAM, it will be interesting to see how the company implements this upgradeability.

Two years after introducing the initial M1 chip, Apple was anticipated to have fully migrated its computer portfolio to Apple Silicon. Gurman speculates that the delay in announcing a new Mac Pro is due, in part, to Apple making some changes to the product and the manufacturing process. Unless there are more setbacks, Gurman expects the updated model sometime in the coming year.

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