Apple iPhone 14 Series Features: 5 New Features To Look Forward To Next Week

According to rumors and reports, Apple will introduce the iPhone 14 series in less than a week, which will be jam-packed with new features and enhancements.

The top-selling iPhone 13 received significant upgrades, but the iPhone 14 may see even more significant modifications. According to rumors and reports, Apple will debut the iPhone 14 series in just a few days, which will be jam-packed with new features and enhancements.

If you’re considering getting a new smartphone, here are five major innovations that are rumored to be coming to the iPhone 14 series.


The tagline for Apple’s September 7 presentation is “Far out,” and the poster depicts the Apple logo in space. Although not confirmed, a new astrophotography mode for the iPhone camera is possible. In case you were unaware, it was the Google Pixel 4 that popularised astrophotography mode, and subsequent companies such as Xiaomi and Vivo attempted to replicate and add this feature to their devices.

When photographing the night sky with the Pixel smartphone, the astrophotography mode takes and combines numerous frames to obtain a clean exposure with low noise levels. Perhaps Apple is hinting that the new iPhone will be able to capture the night sky in spectacular detail.

Last year, Apple leaker Max Weinbach said that the iPhone 13 would include an astrophotography option, but when the handset was released, there was no such feature. This feature may be retained by Apple with the iPhone 14.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connectivity is another significant feature that Apple could include with the iPhone 14. According to Bloomberg, the technology will allow iPhone users to text emergency services and contacts or report an issue when no cellular connectivity is available. The capability is planned to be implemented into iMessage immediately.

Although Apple has not confirmed whether the next iPhone would be able to interact with satellites rather than a cellular network in an emergency, the ‘Far Out’ space-themed invite teases the long-rumored capability.

Tim Farrar, a satellite communications specialist with California-based research firm Telecom, Media and Finance Associates, claimed in a series of tweets that Apple is likely to deal with Globalstar for the iPhone’s impending satellite connectivity.

The allegation is extremely difficult to dismiss because T-Mobile and SpaceX said earlier this week that their firms are collaborating to “eliminate mobile dead zones” and would launch a new mobile service powered by Starlink second-generation satellites and T-Mobile bandwidth. The plan is to use SpaceX’s fleet of low-Earth orbit satellites to offer high-speed internet to rural locations in the United States.

Always-on Display

For years, Android phones have featured an always-on display setting. However, it looks like Apple is also planning to launch an always-on option for iPhones with a distinctive twist. For those who are unfamiliar, an always-on display displays the clock or notifications — even while the phone is locked — on the screen.

It’s a great function that allows you to see notifications without turning on your phone. The Apple Watch Series 5 and newer versions already have always-on displays, and Apple is likely to use the same approach with the iPhone. This capability, however, will be confined to the iPhone 14 Pro and may not be available at all on lower-end devices. Time will only tell.

Improved Selfie Camera

Apple will include a high-quality front-facing camera on the iPhone 14 for the first time in years. According to ET News, the LG-supplied module adds advanced features to the iPhone’s front camera, including autofocus. This level of advancement offers increased aperture for greater depth-of-field in portrait mode and video chats.

According to ET News’ source, “the unit price of the iPhone 14 front camera has virtually tripled compared to prior models.” The bad news is that the additional cost of the camera module will raise the price of the iPhone 14 by $100.

Better Cameras

The iPhone’s photography prowess is unparalleled, and if you own the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you already know how better the camera experience is. Apple will once again improve the camera experience with the iPhone 14 series, with an emphasis on obtaining excellent low-light performance.

According to reports, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will include a whole new 48MP primary sensor, up from 12MP on the iPhone 13. This will be Apple’s largest camera resolution improvement in seven years. Given how outstanding the iPhone cameras are with a 12MP sensor, a larger 48MP sensor will increase details and low-light performance, perhaps affecting total image quality.

However, rumors suggest that the basic iPhones will retain the existing 12 MP sensor. If there’s one big question mark hanging over this event, it’s whether Apple will include a periscope lens in the high-end iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. We’ll have to wait until September 7th for Apple to reveal the iPhone 14.