Apple iPhone 14 Pro Will Bring Back Old Battery % Indicator

It has been recently mocked up that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro would feature a battery percentage indication next to the battery symbol, just like previous iPhones.

It has been speculated that Apple would alter the design of the iPhone for the 2018 Pro models. Multiple reports have indicated that Apple will replace the notch on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max with a combination of a punch hole and a pill-shaped cutout.

With the extra room at the top of the screen, why not put something useful that most iPhone owners would appreciate? The possible return of the traditional battery % indicator in the iPhone 14 Pro.

According to a fresh render from MacRumors, the iPhone 14 Pro will retain the same battery % indication as previous-generation iPhones. That’s the one that shows you the percentage remaining besides the battery life.

A battery icon that adapts to the current battery level is an indicator. With the introduction of the iPhone X, a new design was introduced when the notch in the screen’s upper corner made the upper portion of the screen smaller.

Apple’s battery indicator could revert to its old style if the gap disappears on the iPhone 14 Pro series, as has been rumored.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Old Battery % Indicator
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Old Battery % Indicator

The Design Of The New Battery Indicator

In the iOS 16 beta, Apple is experimenting with showing the battery percentage in the status bar. As a result, any iPhone running the latest software should be able to display the updated rate of battery life. But the issue with the notched iPhones is that the battery indicator stands out oddly.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Old Battery % Indicator
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Old Battery % Indicator

The remaining battery percentage is displayed within the battery icon, although the icon itself cannot be changed from its “full” state. Users of the iPhone are accustomed to seeing the percentage of battery life decrease as more and more is used, so this change is a surprise.

The image also demonstrates that Apple may have additional plans for the larger display area of the iPhone 14 Pro. For example: when the iPhone 14 Pro is locked, the cell service icon may appear on the left side of the screen, while the notification center and battery indication appear on the right.

According to a recent report, which Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman confirmed, the pill-plus-hole cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro may not be seen individually. To trick consumers into thinking the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 have a single, unified cutout, Apple may have modified the software.

The TrueDepth camera will be in the circular cutout, while the sensors necessary for Face ID identification will be located in the pill-shaped opening.