Apple Developing New Headsets, ‘Reality Pro’ To Be Unveiled In 2023

While everyone is focused on Apple’s September presentation, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has returned with new details on the impending Mixed Reality headset. Although Gurman doesn’t anticipate an introduction of this new category of Apple products this week, his Power On newsletter is replete with insider details.

He claims that Apple has been secretly working on not one but three new headsets, with the internal model numbers N301, N602, and N421. Apple’s first headset is expected to be dubbed Apple Reality Pro. The headset “will likely become the company’s high-end counterpart to Meta’s planned Quest Pro,” suggesting that it is a Mixed Reality device.

In January, I heard that Apple was discussing calling the headset either Apple Reality or Apple Vision. It now appears that the company has landed on some version of Apple Reality as the name.

The device has been in development for years and will blend augmented reality with virtual reality. Apple will release the headset in 2023, with a lighter-weight AR-only version coming in later years.

The Apple-affiliated shell company filed trademarks for multiple “Reality” names in a number of jurisdictions early last week. Several of these are possible names for the next Apple headphones.

The N602 will replace the N601 and “may be a bit less expensive.” Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, speculated in July that Apple was working on a new version of its MR headset. Filipe Esposito said:

As reported by Kuo on his personal blog, Apple has already been talking to its suppliers as the company is working on the second generation of its AR/VR headset. It’s expected to come in two different models. The first will be an upgrade to the first-generation headset with better hardware and the other will be a more affordable model.

Due to its complexity and high-end hardware, analysts believe that Apple’s new headset will be priced too high. It’s no surprise that Apple will eventually bring the new AR/VR experience to more people with a less expensive model, as the company has been doing the same with entry-level models of the iPhone and iPad.

The N421 model, according to Gurman, is “Apple’s long-held goal of augmented reality glasses,” though he doesn’t expect it to be released any time soon.

There have been rumors about Apple expanding into a new market for a long time. Although Apple’s planned autonomous vehicle is still a ways off, the corporation appears to be focusing on the augmented reality and virtual reality markets for the time being.