Apple CEO Tim Cook Teases AR/VR headset And Latest Info!

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook teased the widely anticipated and rumoured augmented reality (AR) headgear of the Cupertino-based tech company.

Does this imply that the Apple AR/VR headset will be available soon?

Apple AR Headset Teased by Tim Cook

The Apple CEO's remarks about augmented reality and virtual reality are likely not the first (VR). In fact, according to a news report by CNET, the CEO of the iPhone manufacturer has been discussing these cutting-edge technology frequently for quite some time.

Therefore, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Cook, in his most recent interview with the appropriately called state-run journal China Daily, spoke strongly about AR technology. The tech executive reportedly declared earlier that he is the biggest lover of augmented reality, according to a recent article by The Verge.

The news source also mentions a statement made by Cook in the past regarding the importance of emerging technology to Apple's future. Additionally, Cook discussed AR in a recent interview with China Daily. The CEO was then questioned by the state-run media organisation in China about ways that he believed AR technology could get more market acceptance.

The CEO of Apple could not help but brag about the ARKit-compatible apps available in the App Store for iPhones and iPads. It currently contains over 14,000 augmented reality apps, according to Cook. We are still in the very early stages of this technology's evolution, according to the CEO of Apple.

Cook's candour regarding augmented reality is supported by several rumours and leaks that claim Apple is developing an AR/VR headset. The iPhone manufacturer hasn't unveiled it, though, despite the passage of time.

Even still, speculations regarding an alleged Apple augmented reality headgear have been spreading like wild mushrooms online. Additionally, it's amazing that these stories came from dependable sources like Bloomberg and analyst and leaker Ming-Chi Kuo.

Bloomberg has claimed that the alleged headgear was obtained by the Apple board of directors. Not to mention that its Reality OS is reportedly nearing completion.This time, the Apple CEO made jokes about the augmented reality headset. In an interview with China Daily, Cook advised Apple supporters to “remain tuned and you'll see what we have to give.”

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