Apple and Android Phones Hacked By Italian Spyware

The hacking tools used to snoop on customers by an Italian company were used to penetrate Apple’s iPhone and Android cellphones. According to Reuters, Alphabet-owned Google confirmed that the attack only affected cellphones in Italy and Kazakhstan.

The tools to eavesdrop on the targeted devices’ private communications and contacts were created by a Milan-based business named RCS Lab, according to the investigation. Governments that would not be able to develop these skills internally are given weapons by these suppliers, which is encouraging the proliferation of dangerous hacking tools “explained Google. The website of RCS Lab lists European law enforcement organisations as clientele.

Regulators in Europe and America have been considering possible updates to the laws governing the sale and import of spyware. According to RCS Lab, its goods and services are compliant with European regulations and support criminal investigations by law enforcement. According to the corporation, “RCS Lab workers are not exposed to, nor do they engage in, any activities done by the relevant clients.” It also said it deplored any misuse of its goods.

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Following the disclosure, both Apple and Google took action regarding the event. Apple has invalidated all known accounts and certificates connected to this hacking attempt, according to a company spokeswoman. Google has taken precautions to safeguard Android users and informed them about the spyware.

This is not the first time a business has been discovered creating spyware for governmental and law enforcement organisations. When Pegasus malware from the Israeli espionage company NSO was recently discovered to have been utilised by numerous countries to spy on journalists, activists, and dissidents, the sector came under intense international scrutiny.

According to Bill Marczak, a security researcher with online watchdog Citizen Lab, RCS Lab’s malware can still read communications and view passwords despite being less potent than Pegasus. This demonstrates that despite the widespread use of these devices, much work needs to be done to secure them against these potent attacks “Added he. Live TV.

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