‘An Error Occurred In The Application’ On The PlayStation CE-108255-1: 6 Fixes

Despite competition from a few other gaming consoles, such as the Xbox and Nintendo Switch, Playstation remains the most widely used gaming platform on the market. Even though the Playstation 5 is the most cutting-edge game system, it also has problems, such as CE-108255-1, which means “An error occurred in the application.” The main cause is a problem with the console or app. This article discussed the Playstation CE-108255-1 problem and provided six solutions for PS5 or PS4 users.

Restart Your Console

It also works in this situation to ask, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” One of the finest methods for resolving a variety of problems that appear random is to restart your console or pretty much any device.

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Update your Playstation

You must take control and update the software version of your console on your own if the aforementioned techniques don’t work to get your PS5 up and running. You can accomplish this in one of two ways.

Using the Internet

  • upgrading manually using a software file.
  • As updating manually needs you to make sure you’ve downloaded the correct update file and properly placed it on the installation disc, we advise attempting updating through the internet first.
  • Access PS5 in Safe mode and rebuild database

Safe Mode on the PS5 offers a wide range of useful choices to assist in fixing various console faults. Rebuild Database, option five in the Safe Mode menu, is one of those options. Your drive is reorganised as a result, and your console can read it perfectly once more. This option may help you avoid the error and many other storage-related problems.

Reinstall The Game Causing The Error

A problem with the game’s database, executable files, or saved files could be the cause of the CE-108255-1 error when running a certain game. You’ll have to remove the game from the console in this situation and reinstall it.

'An Error Occurred In The Application' On The PlayStation CE-108255-1 6 Fixes (1)
‘An Error Occurred In The Application’ On The PlayStation CE-108255-1 6 Fixes (1)

Reset The PS5

You will need to factory reset your PS5 if all else fails. It will clean up all of the data currently on your console and give it a fresh start to address all of your problems, including this error. Using Safe Mode or the console interface, you can reset your PS5. Resetting using the console interface is advised because it is safer and generally simpler.

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Reset Your controller

The DualShock 4 controller might be the source of the problem. If so, you can reset your controller by placing a pin or other tiny object inside the reset hole next to the L2 button and holding it there for five seconds.

Visit a repair store

If all else fails, your last alternative is to take your PS5 to an authorised repair facility to have any hardware faults looked at.

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