The Official Hide N Seek Mode Has Been Announced for Among Us

Among Us: In today’s pre-show for The Game Awards, Among Us made big news for the game’s longtime fanbase: on December 9, the game will officially add a Hide & Seek mode, dubbed Hide N Seek.

Okay, but that’s not till the next day! Since Hide and Seek has been on the Among Us development roadmap for some time, albeit without a set release date, the addition of the new mode isn’t exactly a surprise.

From what I can tell, fans came up with Hide & Seek as a fresh, exciting method to play Among Us using a standard set of rules. Each round begins with the imposter calling a meeting, at which point they reveal themselves to be the monster and count down from 15, at which point the other players run and hide.

When the timer runs out, the imposter will kill as many people as possible. There are a few variations on the criteria, but in most cases, the crew must complete all of their responsibilities (even if they have been dead and are ghosts) and no murders are reported to win. If the imposter kills every player or even if there is just one survivor, they win.

Among Us
Among Us

Adds Nine Achievements in Among Us

A new Hide n’ Seek mode for Among Us was announced at The Game Awards and has now been released; this makes your 100% completion rate look a little shady, as nine new achievements have been added to the popular social deception game, which is considered by some diehard fans to be one of the best games on Game Pass.

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The Among Us Hide n’ Seek list of accomplishments has just been downloaded, revealing nine new achievements worth a combined 180 Gamerscore.

Among Us: Hide N Seek Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
HIDDEN TALENT Survive a Game as Crew in Hide n Seek Mode 15
NO ESCAPE Kill all hiders as impostors in Hide n-Seek Mode 15
PERFORM UNDER PRESSURE Do all your tasks in Hide n Seek Mode 15
TRUST NO ONE Kill Someone while disguised as them 15
I CAN BE YOUR ANGLE Block a kill as a guardian angel 30
YOU CAN’T RUN 10 wins as a hider in Hide n Seek Mode 15
BUT YOU CAN HIDE 50 wins as a hider in Hide n Seek Mode 30
YOU CAN RUN 100 kills as a seeker in Hide n Seek Mode 15
BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE 200 kills as a seeker in Hide n Seek Mode 30

While a form of hide-and-seek with arbitrary rules has been possible in Among Us for some time, provided that the entire lobby agrees to play it, the mode has just recently been made official.

If you’re just starting our Twelve Days of Christmas community challenge, it’s worth noting that these are pretty noisy unlocks, with a few double letters thrown in for good measure, but they appear like they should be easy enough to boost but may take a little while to unlock through ordinary play.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the hide and seek mode in among us coming out?

There were plenty of announcements last night at the Game Awards (no Tears of the Kingdom trailer, but we're fine with that), and even the masked Among Us crew popped in to reveal that a brand new game mode will be arriving today, December 9!

Is among us hide and seek on mobile?

Although it is presently unclear if the VR version of the game will be receiving new content anytime soon, the Hide N Seek game mode looks like a natural fit for Among Us VR. The Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S can all play Among Us. It can also be played on mobile devices and personal computers.

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