Aliens: Dark Descent Trailer Demonstrates Game’s Real-time Strategy Elements

If you saw the trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent at last year’s Summer Games Fest and thought, “OK, another squad-based shooter,” you should think again. IGN showed a video of the real-time tactical action game in action on Tuesday(March 21). The game comes out on June 20.

If you were confused, it’s okay. Last year’s trailer was almost entirely a movie, and it showed the kind of close-up, dangerous threat we’ve come to expect from the Alien series.

In Dark Descent, the player is in charge of the squad, and an isometric view from above lets them see the whole field. Well, when the place is lit up, which doesn’t happen very often in any Aliens place.

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If you’re worried about how well you can make decisions in the middle of a battle, there’s a bullet-time feature that slows down time so you can give commands like a pro.

In Aliens: Dark Descent, there is a chance of dying for good. What else would you expect? I hope save-scumming is still around, though. I wouldn’t want to see too many of my close friends in the army taken away that way.

As for the story, Aliens: Dark Descent is about a group of Colonial Marines whose ship crashes on Planet Lethe (which is where the word “lethal” comes from) and decides to check out a Xenomorph outbreak there.

When it comes out on June 20, Aliens: Dark Descent, which was made by Tindalos Interactive, will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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