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Alan Wake 2 System Requirements: Ten years after the original Alan Wake arrived and left us on the biggest cliffhanger imaginable, Alan Wake 2 has emerged from the shadows. If reports are to be believed, Alan Wake 2 will be Remedy’s first survival horror game, both exciting and terrifying, given the developer’s stated stance on the genre.

Several details about Alan Wake 2, including how the previous game ended and the significance of Control’s AWE DLC, have already been revealed thanks to the first teaser trailer. It’s still early in the game’s development cycle, so check back often to see what’s new on our best PC games, best PC Game Pass games, best Xbox Series X games, and best PS5 games lists.

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Alan Wake 2 System Requirements
Alan Wake 2 System Requirements

Alan Wake 2 Release Date

The release date for Alan Wake 2 is unknown, but it will occur in the year 2023. That may be the case for those who have waited more than a decade, but I only recently completed the game, so for me, it was a pleasantly short wait (hah).

Alan Wake 2 is coming to the PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, and PC. Sam Lake has informed us that more details about Alan Wake 2 will be revealed in the summer of 2022.

Alan Wake 2 Story

The slogan for Alan Wake 2 is “Monsters Wear Many Faces,” which may or may not give us some hints about the plot. The first thing you should know is that Alan is still in the dark place if you’ve played all of Alan Wake (DLC included) and Control (DLC included) (Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is probably not canon).

That means Alan Wake’s Cauldron Lake-created double, Mr. Scratch, is still at large, which almost certainly means that Alan must also contend with his counterpart and escape the black hole.

More proof that Mr. Scratch is the bad guy comes from a jump cut in the trailer showing a bloodied Alan Wake baring his teeth. Of course, you’re not looking at Alan Wake; instead, you’re seeing Mr. Scratch.

The teaser trailer also features quick cuts to New York City, suggesting it could be one of Alan Wake 2’s locations. Since Alan Wake is a native New Yorker and the first game was set in Bright Falls, that makes perfect sense. I want to go for a jog in a haunted New York City.

Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

What does Remedy’s classification of Alan Wake 2 as a survival horror game mean for how it plays compared to the first game? The problem is that genres are notoriously vague, so asking two people will likely yield two completely different answers.

But I’m here to stay; you’ll appreciate the analogy. If you’re familiar with the Resident Evil series, you can think of Alan Wake as Resident Evil Village and Alan Wake 2, if you like, as Resident Evil 7.

Both have their advantages, with the former being more action-packed and the latter being more spooky and demanding your time and effort to obtain those supplementary materials. That’s how I picture the beginning of the jump, though I expect Alan Wake 2 to be scarier than the typical Resident Evil game.

It’s eerie how the trailer ends. Remedy has confirmed in a blog post that “psychological horror elements” will also be present. I’m crossing my fingers for a substantial number of firearms and a marked improvement in gameplay.

I just finished Alan Wake, and I have to say, that game is so old it hurts. We need an inventory system like, right this second, and Alan needs to be able to run faster than two seconds. This idiotic author lost his weapons and flashlight after each calamity because the original was broken into episodes.

Even from the brief glimpse in the teaser trailer, we could tell that Remedy had done some impressive work with the visuals. Even though it says that this is not gameplay, it would be nice if the cutscenes had the same level of detail.

Alan Wake 2 PC Requirements

While we don’t have Alan Wake 2’s official PC requirements yet, we can probably get a good idea based on Control’s specs.

The control required a computer with an Intel Core i5-7600K or an AMD Ryzen 5 1600X processor, 16 GB of RAM, and either an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660/1060 or an AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU.

It would help if you used an RTX 2060 GPU for Ray Tracing, as stated by Remedy. Considering the best budget gaming laptops can easily outperform that, you might be good to go for Alan Wake 2 with an RTX 3060 GPU.

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