Adam Forshaw Launches Marcelo Bielsa's Classroom Analysis at Leeds United

Adam Forshaw gave an idea of ​​one of the most characteristic elements of Marcelo Bielsa’s teaching methodology at Leeds United.

The midfielder, who stayed on the sidelines for most of the season, continued to work hard with the team and provided information on additional work that goes outside the training field.

Speaking in a new interview with BBC Sport, the 28-year-old said that Leeds does the same and differently as last season, and spoke in detail about the analysis made by the players and the coaching staff.

“To be honest, the field sessions were very similar,” said Forshaw.

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More details

“We paid a little more attention to being a little more – until the last few games – we defended much better. Lots of class activities.

“We will do anything, starting from separate sessions with the manager on your videos from the game or the team, we can hold meetings on topics that are not related to football in order to make articles that we saw.

“This includes only a lot of thoughts and a lot of unity.”

Bielsa is known for his thoroughness when it comes to reading football and analyzing it.

They say that he has been compiling the Argentinean sports magazine El Grafico since he was obsessed with football, even going so far as to indicate it in detail.

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This clearly erases the Leeds players on the Thorpe Arch this season.

“If for some reason the manager might have seen what he might have liked,” Forshaw said when Chris Sutton asked him what he called sessions in the classroom.

“Analysis of a specific player or something else, we could have a meeting on it, and we could choose things from certain articles that came out this week.

“If there is 1% who could try to help us, it’s just the other side, to look at it sometimes, when you can’t always be on the field, you can do mental exercises.”

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