A woman is afraid that a funnel in the yard of her parents will surrender

RICHMOND, Virginia. “The woman turned to CBS 6 Problem Solving Specialists to help repair the funnel in front of her parents’ house in south Richmond.”

Susan McNeil told CBS 6 that last year she moved to her parents’ house at Windcroft Road to help them take care of them. In October, she says a funnel appeared on the edge of their yard and street.

She said the funnel has a diameter of about 12 inches and a depth of two to three feet.

She said that she called the city then, but nothing happened. She said that when she called back in November, she was told that there were no records of her request, but she was told that they would send someone.

“And then they went out and drew stripes,” said McNeil. “And then she gave me a job order.”

On RVA311, an urban service for queries such as McNeil, there is a failure work order that was created on November 20, 2019. The work order added that it was scheduled for the same date.

McNeil said that since then no worker has returned to solve this problem.

“Usually, dad parked the truck there, but because he gave up, I’m afraid that he will give up, he’ll even get bigger, and I don’t want someone to fall in it or the car to drive in it, so I just need someone to come fix the hole, ”added McNeil.

CBS 6 turned to the city department of public utilities, and someone from the department said they were considering the request. They added that they contacted McNeil on Tuesday afternoon.

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