Patch Notes and Update Information for 40000 Darktide Are Now Available!

40000 Darktide: After a month since its release, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide received yet another patch this week to fix some issues players have been having.

Even though this update is technically a hotfix because it isn’t numbered as a full update, it still has a relatively comprehensive list of changes, including improved ray tracing support, crash fixes, and more.

Hotfix 1.0.21 was released on Wednesday, so if your Steam client is configured to download patches automatically, you should have it by now. Below, courtesy of the news post featured within the game’s Steam page, are the patch notes.

40000 Darktide Patch Notes
40000 Darktide Patch Notes

Hotfix 1.0.21

Stability & Performance

  • Added AMD Raytracing support in the launcher settings.
  • The launcher should now auto-detect high-performance GPUs on laptops by default.
  • I added connection time-out to prevent infinite loops when resetting settings.
  • It fixed some crashes that could occur on some users when booting up the launcher.
  • We fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when browsing through store items.
  • It resolved a crash that could occur in rare circumstances while using the tagging system.
  • I have fixed other various unspecifiable crashes and bugs.

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  • Fixed localization issues on some cosmetics.


  • Removed player outlines as they weren’t functioning as intended. They will make a return in the future.
  • Added ability to reset keybindings when the game starts.


  • We fixed a bug where there was a delay between push action and regular attacks on the Achlys Mk I Power Maul.
  • Scriptures and Grimoires are now available in Comms-Plex 154/2f.
  • I fixed an issue in the Psykhanium where slow motion remained active.


  • Reverted Forcestaff VFX to an earlier version.

As indicated by the name of this hotfix, the game’s gotten several updates since its November release.

There’s no public roadmap to hint at what’s to come and timeframes for future updates, so players have hotfixes and more extensive updates like these to look forward to until more is shared.

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