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For the fourth time in five years, Houston Texans are champions of the AFC South American division, but this time they are really keen to hold a deep playoff for the first time in the history of the franchise.

Since joining the NFL in 2002, Texans have not been able to get through the Division Round, and it is unlikely that their path will be easier this season.

Houston will open by accepting the tough Buffalo Bills club in the Wild Card round on Saturday, and if he wins, he will have to face either the Baltimore Ravens or the Kansas City leaders in the division round.

So, here are three topical questions for the Texans who enter the playoffs:

3. When will Fuller return?

Will Fuller is dealing with a groin injury and did not play in the Texan season finals against the Tennessee Titans. Its status is against bills in the air.

Fuller’s injury is not new, as the wide receiver has never played a full season since joining the NFL in 2016 and has played in only 28 of a possible 48 games in the past three years.

But there is no doubt how important Fuller is for Houston’s crime when he is on the field.

According to Sarah Barshop, Texans average 296.8 passing yards per game with Fuller and 158.3 without him, which is an absurd difference.

Make no mistake: if Houston wants a chance to run, he needs a healthy Fuller, and now Fuller’s health is a big question.

2. What will J.J. Watt to serve?

Although there is nothing final so far, it is similar to J.J. Watt will be back against Buffalo after missing the last couple of months with a torn chest muscle.

Watt really shouldn’t be coming back, but he wants to return to the playoff field, which is admirable.

The question arises: what can Watt do if he returns?

Most likely, he will not be 100 percent, but he will undoubtedly provide a motivational boost for Texans, and 75 percent of J.J. Watts are still better than 100 percent of most other NFL defenders.

Watt completely changes the color of Houston’s rather common defense, so if he can make an impact, it will be absolutely huge for the Texans and can ultimately decide a game or two.

1. Is Deschon Watson ready to take the next step?

Deshaun Watson was a bona fide MVP candidate at the beginning of the season, but he could not stand it, especially in the last three games, when he threw three touchdowns and five interceptions.

Going even further, Watson counted 15 touchdowns and 11 selections starting from week 6.

It’s not very good.

In fact, Watson was probably a little better last year than he was this season as a whole.

But now, Watson is getting a chance to redeem himself and take the next step in the playoffs, which he didn’t actually do in his first postseason performance last year, when he completed just 29 of 49 passes for 235 yards, a touchdown. and the interception in the loss of Wild Card Round for the Indianapolis colts.

In order for the Texans to burst into tears, Watson must be special.