Google Assistant Can Now Read Webpages Aloud In 42 Different Languages

Google is starting to roll out its own attribute on Google Assistant which will read pages. This was previewed back in CES in January and has become accessible worldwide starting now.

To use the feature, users can simply state,”Hey Google, See it” or”Hey Google, read this page” for Assistant to see the text on your display. The display will emphasize the text as it is being read out thus consumers can follow along with the webpage which Assistant is reading. To jump to another segment, tap on the screen to move. Or if you are the type of person who listens to podcasts the rate, you could correct the reading speed for slower or quicker cadences of Google Assistant.

The attribute will start with translation to get 42 Languages which will translate the page to your terminology read that too. When it’ll surely be handy for people who might have trouble seeing or viewing on a little display, this seems like a far better solution to requesting Google Assistant to get a cooking recipe, then needing to say”Next!” To continue every measure.

The attribute is currently rolling out today, so keep checking back in the event that you don’t have it enabled in your own Android apparatus yet.

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