Russian Court Says Facial Recognition Tech Does Not Violate Privacy

While some nations are taking a stand contrary to Using facial recognition on the grounds of privacy invasion is currently taking the contrary view. A court in Moscow has dominated the city’s usage of facial recognition doesn’t violate the privacy of all taxpayers.

Activists had hoped that the courts would prohibit this technology’s use, That was rolled out from town during 2019 — that the machine price at 3.3 billion roubles ($50 million) and contains over 105,000 cameras.


The system — that remained operational Proceedings — is being utilized to identify people, and to make sure quarantine is being observed by people.

The case against Moscow’s Department of Technology (DIT) was registered by Activist and Attorney Alena Popova, that had a lawsuit dismissed On the very same grounds.

This case’s results has disappointed those worried about the Country rights. “This judgment shows there are no legal defenses For facial recognition complaints,” said Popova’s attorney, Kirill Koroteev.

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