20 Must-play Blockbusters in the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue

Sony’s new PlayStation Plus service debuted in North America on June 13, 2022. This concept merges the original PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now and is structured along three tiers, with each granting access to a different set of features and content to paying subscribers.

Essential PlayStation Plus ($9.99/month) is the successor to the original PlayStation Plus. Online access, free games every month, and discounts are all part of the subscription price. The PlayStation Plus Extra plan costs $14.99 per month and includes access to hundreds of PS4 and PS5 games in addition to the Essential tier’s benefits.

PlayStation Plus Premium ($17.99/month): In addition to the perks of the Essential and Extra tiers, Premium adds a library of vintage games (PS3, PS2, PSP, and PS1), trials, and cloud streaming in certain territories.

20 Must-play Blockbusters in the PlayStation Plus Game Catalogue

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Devil May Cry 5

A series that became a mainstay on the PS2 is Devil May Cry, all of which titles, as well as Devil May Cry 4, has been available in high definition on PS Plus Premium since the service’s inception. The latest installment in the series, which also features a Special Edition for the PlayStation 5, joined PS Plus Extra in January 2023. One’s favorite game in the series will depend on the player, although DMC 5 is a strong candidate.

It was a bold move on Capcom’s part to have three playable characters with such drastically diverse styles of play. Although they share a preference for close-quarters combat, Nero and Dante are very different combatants.

In fact, the latter may offer the most robust combat system of any hack-and-slash game. V, the third main character, appears in only a few chapters, but his range-based skills are a welcome change of pace. Playable versions of Vergil are included in the Special Edition.

Kingdom Hearts Collection

Sony has revealed a robust lineup of games that will be added to PS Plus Extra and Premium in November 2022. Kingdom Hearts is the most anticipated game this month, however, other notable releases include The Division 2, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Oddworld: Soulstorm.

Square Enix’s complete library of games, with the exception of a few web titles, will be made available to subscribers of the Extra and Premium tiers. If you want to go on a full adventure with Sora, Goofy, and Donald, you’ll need to set aside about 200 hours to play the eight games and watch the three films included in this collection.

Kingdom Hearts is notorious for its story’s fragmentation over many platforms, making it difficult for fans to obtain the complete picture. Square Enix has released compilations in recent years that have brought obscure games to systems like the PS4. Now that Kingdom Hearts is available as part of PS Plus Extra, it’s easier than ever to dive into this world.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Special Edition

Even though Skyrim has been out for a long time, it is still a very popular game. Beginning on November 15, PS Plus Premium and Extra members will be able to assume the role of the Dragonborn and begin their adventure in Skyrim.

The 2016 release was included in 2021’s Anniversary Edition, which was released for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The Special Edition is widely regarded as the definitive incarnation of Bethesda’s masterwork.

Skyrim’s staying power comes from its well-developed setting that rewards players for venturing out and discovering new things. The game’s customization and construction choices make up for what can be considered archaic combat compared to more modern RPGs. Adding Skyrim to PS Plus expands the library, even though most people have already played the game.


Deathloop, a time-looping first-person shooter, will be the highlight of PlayStation Plus Extra in September 2022. Once the protagonist, Colt, dies, the assassin’s objective to kill eight people in one day begins again. Colt gains access to more abilities and weapons as the campaign goes on, providing players with a flexible arsenal from which to carry out their murderous plans.

Deathloop’s fighting system, in particular, is an evolution of that found in Arkane’s prior games like Dishonored and Prey. The game is not too difficult to pick up and play, but it does reward players that put in the time and effort to learn Colt’s many abilities.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade

When it comes to action JRPG fans, the inclusion of Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade as a free game for PS Plus Extra subscribers is a significant deal. Even though the remake takes a number of modifications to the story and gameplay compared to the 1997 original, it nonetheless pays homage to FF7 and the impact it had on popularizing the PlayStation 1.

The present game focuses on the planet Midgar and tells the story of Cloud Strife’s early days with the resistance group AVALANCHE, detailing their efforts to overthrow Shinra’s rule. The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the best example of Square Enix’s decade-long transition away from turn-based combat in favor of real-time action.

With the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, a follow-up now is a great time for novices to hop aboard the remake train, and PlayStation Plus is a great way to do it.

20 Must-play Blockbusters in the PlayStation Plus
20 Must-play Blockbusters in the PlayStation Plus


Though it would be premature to name Stray as one of the best games available on PS Plus Premium and Extra at this time, the ambition of the project alone merits that honor. Sony’s subscription service needs launch day inclusions to compete with Xbox Game Pass.

Shadow Warrior 3 on PS Now was the first domino to fall in this chain, but the announcement that Stray will launch straight in the PS Plus library is a statement of purpose that may be even more resounding.

Even if it’s not as huge a release as Starfield, Stray is still one of the most anticipated games of July 2022. In this cyberpunk RPG, you play as a cat who must solve riddles and investigate new areas as you make your way through the metropolis.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

There are a gazillion Dragon Ball games, and some of them are really good. However, the series struggled for a long period to produce a worthy adversary. After Arc finished working on Dragon Ball FighterZ, it became possible for the game to be featured alongside Street Fighter 5 and Super Smash Bros. Melee in eSports competitions, forever altering the landscape of competitive fighting games.

FighterZ does a fantastic job at capturing the spectacle of Dragon Ball bouts, where a stray ki blast might potentially destroy a whole planet. The game looks quite similar to the source material, and in some cases even better.

The battle system in FighterZ is less complicated to learn than those in some of Arc’s other excellent games, but it’s still difficult to master. The single-player game, which is divided into three non-canon storylines, is entertaining from a fan-service standpoint but drags on for much too long. Online play, however, is the main attraction in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Ghost Of Tsushima: Director’s Cut

Ghost of Tsushima, developed by Insomniac, served as a fitting send-off for Sony’s PS4 as the company’s primary console, while the Director’s Cut is only an improved version of the original. This samurai epic is set during the Mongol invasion of Japan and follows Jin Sakai as he seeks revenge while defending Tsushima Island.

Ghost of Tsushima is not only a pretty face—also it’s one of the best games on PS Plus Premium. The game’s hack-and-slash mechanics are fantastic, providing a satisfying experience that is both strategic and theatrical. While the story isn’t particularly groundbreaking, GOT’s environment helps it stand out among the glut of open-world titles.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

In December 2022, PS Plus Extra welcomed two new mainline Yakuza games along with a spin-off. The three games are all excellent in their own right, but Like a Dragon is especially noteworthy because of its potential impact on the series going forward.

While familiar faces were present in the 2020 game, it marked the beginning of a new era for the franchise with its turn-based battle system reminiscent of Dragon Quest. Both a new protagonist and a new central city were unveiled in this installment.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon does not require any prior understanding of Sega’s franchise to enjoy. They can then settle back for a lengthy and gripping tale full of complex characters and heart-wrenching events. The game has a modest but deep open world and lovely side quests.

Dragon Quest 11 S: Echoes Of An Elusive Age

There were five Dragon Quest titles available in October 2022 for PS Plus Extra, and they’re all good in their own ways. The Heroes and Builders spin-offs are fun, but this month’s finest new release is Dragon Quest 11 S, one of the best Japanese role-playing games for the PlayStation 4.

DQ11 is a turn-based RPG with likable characters and a straightforward but satisfying plot, set in a colorful setting bursting with style and individuality.

Rather than trying to fix what isn’t broken, DQ11 updates tried-and-true mechanisms and ideas from decades past. Last but not least, this game demonstrates that Dragon Quest will stand the test of time. The PS Plus Extra edition adds some cool features beyond the original release, such as a 16-bit mode.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale

With so many AAA games available on PS Plus Extra and Premium, Chicory: A Colorful Tale may have trouble standing out. Conceptually and mechanically, this indie game is all about the arts. Chicory puts players in charge of preserving the vibrant hues of a fantastical world inhabited by intelligent animals. The world has been drained of its color by an outside force, making this duty more onerous than usual.

Chicory is a puzzle-adventure game that encourages originality by letting the player paint in any way they like. However, one’s deeds have consequences, and not every NPC will appreciate the protagonist’s creative vision.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

When it was first released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege quickly became a fan-favorite among first-person shooter fans. Although Ubisoft’s multiplayer-focused title got off to a shaky start, the game’s excellent tactical gameplay helped it gain a loyal fanbase that hasn’t waned in the last five years.

There are a lot of seasoned players in Rainbow Six Siege now because the game has been out for so long. That said, it can make first-time players feel like they’ve been thrown into the deep end. Although these issues are annoying, Ubisoft’s FPS is good enough to play through them.


PS Plus Premium includes a number of Housemarque titles, including Resogun and Alienation. Those games are all fantastic, but the studio’s best work is Returnal, a roguelike horror game set in the future for the PlayStation 5. Selene, a pilot who is stuck on a planet and in a time loop, is the protagonist of this third-person shooter.

As is customary for games of this type, dying means starting over, but the plot of Returnal is split into two halves, each of which can be used as a respawn place. Returnal is one of the best PS5 games available on PS Plus Premium and Extra, and it’s reason enough to sign up.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man is perhaps the best superhero game ever made, and it’s one of the most anticipated launch titles for PS Plus Premium (and Extra). Insomniac designed a beautiful and realistic open world so that players can freely swing around as the legendary Wall Crawler.

The fighting system is a refreshing take on the standard Arkham style, being quick, suitably difficult, fluid, and visually appealing. Marvel’s Spider-Man has a reasonably decent primary story that stands on its own, generating both spectacular set pieces and quieter character-driven moments, but the ancillary content is a bit lacking.

Miles Morales, the Marvel version of Spider-Man, is included in both PS4 and PS5 versions of PS Plus Premium and Extra.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds, a new addition to PlayStation Now in April 2022, is a rare gem in the gaming industry. In 22 minutes, the sun will explode, destroying the solar system with it; thankfully, our protagonist is trapped in an endless resetting time loop.

In addition, the player’s protagonist is an astronaut with the ability to swiftly visit a number of worlds in pursuit of information about the sun’s destructive future.

The main goals of the open-world game Outer Wilds are exploration and puzzle solving, with the latter taking the shape of a larger mystery that can only be solved by digging deep into the game’s lore. The game’s main story is merely one of many subplots and side adventures available to players.

WWE 2K22

Sony’s PS Plus Extra program now includes WWE 2K22, the only wrestling game available. Whether or whether this expansion is worthwhile to a subscriber depends on how well they know the live-action program, though fans of 3D fighters should still enjoy WWE 2K22’s typically fun gameplay regardless.

Following the disaster that was WWE 2K20, the 2022 edition improved upon the fighting system and brought back fan-favorite features like MyGM. While there is no shortage of content or wrestlers in WWE 2K22, some of the game’s modes may require too much grinding for their own benefit.

Despite its short length (just a few hours), the Rey Mysterio showcase is one of the highlights of each WWE game. Traditional story mode is also available, where players begin as a trainee in the Performance Center and work their way up to the big event at WrestleMania.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

The Assassin’s Creed titles available on PS Plus Extra are vast, giving gamers a chance to play in any of the series’ many distinct locations. The story presented in The Ezio Collection is among the best in the series, but the gameplay from the original trilogy is starting to show its age.

It was with Origins that Ubisoft’s franchise took an exciting new turn, with the fighting being reworked to be more of a free-for-all. Origins, an open-world game set in Ancient Egypt, is a fantastic option and one of the best-selling games of the decade thus far.

Odyssey expands upon Origins’ concepts while adding its own unique spin to the story. The 2018 installment, which takes place in Ancient Greece, is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing environment in the series, including Valhalla. While Odyssey’s loot system can be daunting, it does give players a wide variety of options to pursue. Combat is generally fantastic, and the game manages to be hard in a few spots.

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Inside, the stunning follow-up to Playdead’s Limbo, which is also included in the Premium tier, will join the PS Plus Extra library in October 2022. The disturbing and bizarre setting of Inside depicts a future in which humanity has lost all control. Players assume the role of a nameless youngster and must avoid detection by foes while solving puzzles and navigating platforms.

Inside is a smooth and satisfying gameplay experience that works perfectly in tandem with the game’s narrative. The campaign doesn’t waste time discussing the ins and outs of this society’s culture and history, preferring instead to let players draw their own conclusions as they go.

Rayman Legends

Ubisoft has not given any hints that development on a new Rayman game, for platforms other than mobile devices, is underway. One of the best platformers of the 2010s, Rayman Legends still holds up well today. Based on the solid groundwork laid by Rayman Origins, released in 2011, Rayman Legends is a fast-paced adventure with over a hundred levels and cooperative play.

Rayman Legends’ gameplay is nearly flawless, and the responsive controls complement the game’s expert-level design. Additionally, the game is quite demanding, and the campaign does not waste any time increasing the complexity.

Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 from NetherRealm is a violent continuation of the series’ strengths established in Mortal Kombat 9 and 10. In contrast to its immediate predecessor, MK11 features a fun and engaging single-player campaign that provides the usual absurdity and action that MK fans have come to anticipate.

Although newbies should spend a few hours in MK11’s tutorial mode, it should perform a sufficient job of exposing players to the game’s basics. You won’t find a better example of the type.

The success or failure of a Mortal Kombat game hinges on its online community, which is still thriving for the game’s 2019 entry than two decades after its release. The multiplayer mode allows for both local and remote co-op and online battles, and it features extensive character customization options.

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