'1000-LB Sisters': What Does Tammy Slaton Look Like Now?


Tammy Slaton of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’

The latest reality show TLC’s reality-loss docu-series, 1,000-Lb Sisters stars Amy and Tammy Slaton, where viewers can follow their journey as they try to drop enough weight to qualify for bariatric surgery . While Amy, 31, began filming the series at 406 pounds, Tammy, 32, clocked in at 605 pounds.

In stage 2, Tammy explained to the weight loss specialist, Dr. Charles Procter, “I have bad gallbladder, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, gout. An entire bucket list.” Both siblings struggle with diabetes and anxiety to lose weight, due to too many life or death situations. at this point, Tammy could not confine herself to a car seat, or move without walking.

As seen in the preview, Tammy is overweight, with her forehead dripping with a fat punch. Amy explained that they went to many doctors who thought it might be a dangerous growth of some kind, but it was just an overdose of overweight, which clearly causes Tammy to be more aware of her. look.

While Tammy may seem like a lost cause, she has preemptively updated the show’s fans on her weight loss journey. On her Facebook page, Tammy posted a picture of her face sending the message that she is not messing with her goals with the 1000-Lb Sisters. While she did not share the pictures of her body, the whole body fat on her forehead was gone.

This is what Tammy looks like September 2019:

Tammy Slaton weight loss in September 2019

Sa October 2019, Tammy has offered a new update on her weight loss journey with the picture below. By strategically putting his new profile picture to his old self, it highlights how much weight has been lost so far.

Tammy Slaton weight loss in October 2019

Here’s Tammy’s profile on Facebook December 2019.

Tammy’s weight loss in December 2019

With so much development, it’s incredible to see what he looks like after the finale of the show’s season finale.

In 2020, Tammy Looks Better Than Ever & Has A Boyfriend!

Tammy Slaton weight loss January 2020

While the picture has been heavily filtered, you can tell Tammy’s continued growth in 2020. Tomorrow January 7, 2020, she updates her profile picture, and unlike that, it’s easy on her eyes, and she seems to like what she sees in the mirror, which is great for her self-confidence.

Not only did Tammy get better and healthier each month, but she also marked herself as “In a Relationship” on Facebook. As Tammy’s new profile picture draws attention from her male fans asking her questions, she responds to a comment that says “Thanks, but I have a boyfriend.”

Tammy didn’t reveal her name, but fingers crossed that the couple had met before the 1,000-Lb Sisters finished filming and she was appearing in the series.

Tammy Sometimes Attempted To Commit Suicide

Tammy Slaton of ‘1000-Lb Sisters’

In the past decade, he has been hospitalized many times for two clots of blood, gout, bouts of pneumonia and other medical procedures. At a very low point, he was placed on life support.

Before filming began, Tammy admitted that apart from doctor visits, she had not been home for six years. Suffering from severe depression, “I tried to kill myself in January,” he told People. “I feel like if I didn’t make changes now, I wouldn’t be living the past 35.”

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